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var (
	// Timeout is the default timeout used for most commands.
	Timeout = time.Minute * 10
	// PushTimeout is the command timeout used when pushing bucket changes.
	PushTimeout = time.Hour * 24
	// PullTimeout is the command timeout used when pulling bucket changes.
	PullTimeout = time.Hour * 24
	// ArchiveWatchTimeout is the command timeout used when watching archive status messages.
	ArchiveWatchTimeout = time.Hour * 12

	// Bold is a styler used to make the output text bold.
	Bold = promptui.Styler(promptui.FGBold)

	// Repo organization/repo where client releases are published
	Repo = "textileio/textile"


func AddrFromStr

func AddrFromStr(str string) ma.Multiaddr

    AddrFromStr returns a multiaddress from the string.

    func BindFlags

    func BindFlags(v *viper.Viper, root *cobra.Command, flags map[string]Flag) error

      BindFlags binds the flags to the viper config values.

      func End

      func End(format string, args ...interface{})

      func ErrCheck

      func ErrCheck(err error, args ...interface{})

      func Error

      func Error(err error, args ...interface{})

      func ExpandConfigVars

      func ExpandConfigVars(v *viper.Viper, flags map[string]Flag)

        ExpandConfigVars evaluates the viper config file's expressions.

        func Fatal

        func Fatal(err error, args ...interface{})

        func FindConfigFile

        func FindConfigFile(conf *Config, pth string) bool

          FindConfigFile searches up the path for a config file. True is returned is a config file was found and successfully loaded.

          func GetFlagOrEnvValue

          func GetFlagOrEnvValue(c *cobra.Command, k, envPre string) (v string)

            GetFlagOrEnvValue first load a value for the key from the command flags. If no value was found, the value for the corresponding env variable is returned.

            func GetThreadType

            func GetThreadType(isDB bool) string

              GetThreadType returns a string representation of the type of a thread.

              func HandleInterrupt

              func HandleInterrupt(stop func())

              func InitConfig

              func InitConfig(conf *Config) func()

                InitConfig returns a function that can be used to search for and load a config file.

                func InitConfigCmd

                func InitConfigCmd(rootCmd *cobra.Command, v *viper.Viper, dir string)

                  InitConfigCmd adds a config generator command to the root command. The command will write the config file to dir.

                  func IsConnectionError

                  func IsConnectionError(err error) bool

                    IsConnectionError returns true if the error is related to a dropped connection.

                    func Message

                    func Message(format string, args ...interface{})

                    func RenderTable

                    func RenderTable(header []string, data [][]string)

                    func Success

                    func Success(format string, args ...interface{})

                    func Warn

                    func Warn(format string, args ...interface{})

                    func Watch

                    func Watch(ctx context.Context, watchFunc WatchFunc, reconnectInterval time.Duration) (<-chan WatchState, error)

                      Watch calls watchFunc until it returns an error. Normally, watchFunc would block while doing work that can fail, e.g., the local network goes offline. If watchFunc return an error, it will be called again at the given interval so long as the returned error is non-fatal. Returns a channel of watch connectivity states. Cancel context to stop watching.

                      func WriteConfig

                      func WriteConfig(c *cobra.Command, v *viper.Viper, name string)

                        WriteConfig writes the viper config based on the command.

                        func WriteConfigToHome

                        func WriteConfigToHome(config *Config)

                          WriteConfigToHome writes config to the home directory.


                          type Clients

                          type Clients struct {
                          	Buckets *bc.Client
                          	Threads *tc.Client
                          	Hub     *hc.Client
                          	Users   *uc.Client
                          	Pow     *pc.Client

                            Clients wraps all the possible hubd/buckd clients.

                            func NewClients

                            func NewClients(target string, isHub bool) *Clients

                              NewClients returns a new clients object pointing to the target address. If isHub is true, the hub's admin and user clients are also created.

                              func (*Clients) Close

                              func (c *Clients) Close()

                                Close closes all the clients.

                                func (*Clients) ListThreads

                                func (c *Clients) ListThreads(ctx context.Context, dbsOnly bool) []Thread

                                  ListThreads returns a list of threads for the context. In a hub context, this will only list threads that the context has access to. dbsOnly filters threads that do not belong to a database.

                                  func (*Clients) SelectThread

                                  func (c *Clients) SelectThread(ctx context.Context, label, successMsg string, dbsOnly bool) Thread

                                    SelectThread presents the caller with a choice of threads.

                                    type ConfConfig

                                    type ConfConfig struct {
                                    	Dir       string // Config directory base name
                                    	Name      string // Name of the mailbox config file
                                    	Type      string // Type is the type of config file (yaml/json)
                                    	EnvPrefix string // A prefix that will be expected on env vars

                                      ConfConfig is used to generate new messages configs.

                                      func (ConfConfig) NewConfig

                                      func (cc ConfConfig) NewConfig(pth string, flags map[string]Flag, global bool) (c *Config, fileExists bool, err error)

                                        NewConfig uses values from ConfConfig to contruct a new config.

                                        type Config

                                        type Config struct {
                                        	Viper  *viper.Viper
                                        	File   string
                                        	Dir    string
                                        	Name   string
                                        	Flags  map[string]Flag
                                        	EnvPre string
                                        	Global bool

                                          Config describes a command config params and file info.

                                          type ConnectionState

                                          type ConnectionState int

                                            ConnectionState indicates an online/offline state.

                                            const (
                                            	// Offline indicates the remote is currently not reachable.
                                            	Offline ConnectionState = iota
                                            	// Online indicates a connection with the remote has been established.

                                            func (ConnectionState) String

                                            func (cs ConnectionState) String() string

                                            type Flag

                                            type Flag struct {
                                            	Key      string
                                            	DefValue interface{}

                                              Flaf describes a command flag.

                                              type Thread

                                              type Thread struct {
                                              	ID    thread.ID `json:"id"`
                                              	Label string    `json:"label"`
                                              	Name  string    `json:"name"`
                                              	Type  string    `json:"type"`

                                                Thread wraps details about a thread.

                                                type WatchFunc

                                                type WatchFunc func(context.Context) (<-chan WatchState, error)

                                                  WatchFunc is a function wrapper for a function used by Watch.

                                                  type WatchState

                                                  type WatchState struct {
                                                  	// State of the watch connection (online/offline).
                                                  	State ConnectionState
                                                  	// Error returned by the watch operation.
                                                  	Err error
                                                  	// Aborted indicates whether or not the associated error aborted the watch.
                                                  	// (Connectivity related errors do not abort the watch.)
                                                  	Aborted bool

                                                    WatchState is used to inform Watch callers about the connection state.


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