Package docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever!

    Package docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever!



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    func ContainerCmder

    func ContainerCmder(containerNameOrID string) exec.Cmder

      ContainerCmder creates a new exec.Cmder against a docker container

      func EditArchiveRepositories

      func EditArchiveRepositories(reader io.Reader, writer io.Writer, editRepositories func(string) string) error

        EditArchiveRepositories applies edit to reader's image repositories, IE the repository part of repository:tag in image tags This supports v1 / v1.1 / v1.2 Docker Image Archives

        editRepositories should be a function that returns the input or an edited form, where the input is the image repository

        func GetArchiveTags

        func GetArchiveTags(path string) ([]string, error)

          GetArchiveTags obtains a list of "repo:tag" docker image tags from a given docker image archive (tarball) path compatible with all known specs:

          func ImageID

          func ImageID(containerNameOrID string) (string, error)

            ImageID return the Id of the container image

            func ImageInspect

            func ImageInspect(containerNameOrID, format string) ([]string, error)

              ImageInspect return low-level information on containers images

              func Pull

              func Pull(logger log.Logger, image string, retries int) error

                Pull pulls an image, retrying up to retries times

                func PullIfNotPresent

                func PullIfNotPresent(logger log.Logger, image string, retries int) (pulled bool, err error)

                  PullIfNotPresent will pull an image if it is not present locally retrying up to retries times it returns true if it attempted to pull, and any errors from pulling

                  func Run

                  func Run(image string, runArgs []string, containerArgs []string) error

                    Run creates a container with "docker run", with some error handling

                    func Save

                    func Save(image, dest string) error

                      Save saves image to dest, as in `docker save`

                      func SplitImage

                      func SplitImage(image string) (registry, tag string, err error)

                        SplitImage splits an image into (registry,tag) following these cases:

                        alpine -> (alpine, latest)
                        alpine:latest -> (alpine, latest)
                        alpine@sha256:28ef97b8686a0b5399129e9b763d5b7e5ff03576aa5580d6f4182a49c5fe1913 -> (alpine, latest@sha256:28ef97b8686a0b5399129e9b763d5b7e5ff03576aa5580d6f4182a49c5fe1913)
                        alpine:latest@sha256:28ef97b8686a0b5399129e9b763d5b7e5ff03576aa5580d6f4182a49c5fe1913 -> (alpine, latest@sha256:28ef97b8686a0b5399129e9b763d5b7e5ff03576aa5580d6f4182a49c5fe1913)

                        NOTE: for our purposes we consider the sha to be part of the tag, and we resolve the implicit :latest


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