Package kube implements functionality to build Kubernetes for the purposes of installing into the kind node image



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    const ImportPath = ""

      ImportPath is the canonical import path for the kubernetes root package this is used by FindSource


      This section is empty.


      func FindSource

      func FindSource() (root string, err error)

        FindSource attempts to locate a kubernetes checkout using go's build package


        type Bits

        type Bits interface {
        	// BinaryPaths returns a list of paths to binaries on the host machine that
        	// should be added to PATH in the Node image
        	BinaryPaths() []string
        	// ImagePaths returns a list of paths to image archives to be loaded into
        	// the Node
        	ImagePaths() []string
        	// Version
        	Version() string

          Bits provides the locations of Kubernetes Binaries / Images needed on the cluster nodes Implementations should be registered with RegisterNamedBits

          type Builder

          type Builder interface {
          	// Build returns a Bits and any errors encountered while building Kubernetes.
          	// Some implementations (upstream binaries) may use this step to obtain
          	// an existing build instead
          	Build() (Bits, error)

            Builder represents and implementation of building Kubernetes building may constitute downloading a release

            func NewBazelBuilder

            func NewBazelBuilder(logger log.Logger, kubeRoot, arch string) (Builder, error)

              NewBazelBuilder returns a new Builder backed by bazel build, given kubeRoot, the path to the kubernetes source directory

              func NewDockerBuilder

              func NewDockerBuilder(logger log.Logger, kubeRoot, arch string) (Builder, error)

                NewDockerBuilder returns a new Bits backed by the docker-ized build, given kubeRoot, the path to the kubernetes source directory

                func NewNamedBuilder

                func NewNamedBuilder(logger log.Logger, name, kubeRoot, arch string) (Builder, error)

                  NewNamedBuilder returns a new Builder by named implementation currently this includes: "bazel" -> NewBazelBuilder(kubeRoot) "docker" or "make" -> NewDockerBuilder(kubeRoot)