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func WitContext

func WitContext(ctx context.Context, p2pCtx Context) context.Context

WitContext add Agent context into context.

type Agent

type Agent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Agent is the agent to help the blockchain node connect into the P2P networks and send/receive messages

func NewAgent

func NewAgent(cfg config.Config, broadcastHandler HandleBroadcastInbound, unicastHandler HandleUnicastInboundAsync) *Agent

NewAgent instantiates a local P2P agent instance

func (*Agent) BroadcastOutbound

func (p *Agent) BroadcastOutbound(ctx context.Context, msg proto.Message) (err error)

BroadcastOutbound sends a broadcast message to the whole network

func (*Agent) Info

func (p *Agent) Info() peerstore.PeerInfo

Info returns agents' peer info.

func (*Agent) Neighbors

func (p *Agent) Neighbors(ctx context.Context) ([]peerstore.PeerInfo, error)

Neighbors returns the neighbors' peer info

func (*Agent) Self

func (p *Agent) Self() []multiaddr.Multiaddr

Self returns the self network address

func (*Agent) Start

func (p *Agent) Start(ctx context.Context) error

Start connects into P2P network

func (*Agent) Stop

func (p *Agent) Stop(ctx context.Context) error

Stop disconnects from P2P network

func (*Agent) UnicastOutbound

func (p *Agent) UnicastOutbound(ctx context.Context, peer peerstore.PeerInfo, msg proto.Message) (err error)

UnicastOutbound sends a unicast message to the given address

type Context

type Context struct {
	ChainID uint32

Context provides the auxiliary information Agent network operations

func GetContext

func GetContext(ctx context.Context) (Context, bool)

GetContext gets Agent context

type HandleBroadcastInbound

type HandleBroadcastInbound func(context.Context, uint32, proto.Message)

HandleBroadcastInbound handles broadcast message when agent listens it from the network

type HandleUnicastInboundAsync

type HandleUnicastInboundAsync func(context.Context, uint32, peerstore.PeerInfo, proto.Message)

HandleUnicastInboundAsync handles unicast message when agent listens it from the network

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