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Published: Feb 6, 2020 | License: LGPL-3.0 | Module:


func NewClusterController

func NewClusterController(g *gin.Engine, clusterCase cluster.IClusterCase)

NewClusterController creates a new k8s controller

type ClusterController

type ClusterController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ClusterController k8s controller

func (*ClusterController) Address

func (cc *ClusterController) Address(c *gin.Context)

Address address

func (*ClusterController) Components

func (cc *ClusterController) Components(c *gin.Context)

Components components status

func (*ClusterController) Configs

func (cc *ClusterController) Configs(c *gin.Context)

Configs get cluster config info

func (*ClusterController) Install

func (cc *ClusterController) Install(c *gin.Context)

Install install

func (*ClusterController) InstallPreCheck

func (cc *ClusterController) InstallPreCheck(c *gin.Context)

InstallPreCheck install precheck check can process install or not, if rainbond.tar is not ready, can't install

func (*ClusterController) InstallStatus

func (cc *ClusterController) InstallStatus(c *gin.Context)

InstallStatus install status

func (*ClusterController) SingleComponent

func (cc *ClusterController) SingleComponent(c *gin.Context)

SingleComponent single component

func (*ClusterController) Uninstall

func (cc *ClusterController) Uninstall(c *gin.Context)

Uninstall reset cluster

func (*ClusterController) UpdateConfig

func (cc *ClusterController) UpdateConfig(c *gin.Context)

UpdateConfig update cluster config info

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