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type AudioAdapter

type AudioAdapter struct {
	InitCnt int

func (*AudioAdapter) Init

func (adapter *AudioAdapter) Init() error

func (*AudioAdapter) SongLoader

func (adapter *AudioAdapter) SongLoader() audio.SongLoader

func (*AudioAdapter) SoundLoader

func (adapter *AudioAdapter) SoundLoader() audio.SoundLoader

type FontLoader

type FontLoader struct {

func (*FontLoader) Load

func (fontLoader *FontLoader) Load(fileName string, size int) (graphics.TextCreator, error)

type GraphicsAdapter

type GraphicsAdapter struct {
	InitCnt int

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Clear

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Clear() error

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Create

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Create(dimensions *primitives.Dimensions, color *primitives.Color) (graphics.Texture, error)

func (*GraphicsAdapter) FontLoader

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) FontLoader() graphics.FontLoader

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Init

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Init() error

func (*GraphicsAdapter) IsOpen

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) IsOpen() bool

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Load

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Load(fileName string) (graphics.Texture, error)

func (*GraphicsAdapter) OpenWindow

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) OpenWindow(windowSettings *graphics.WindowSettings) error

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Present

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Present() error

func (*GraphicsAdapter) ScreenPresenter

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) ScreenPresenter() graphics.ScreenPresenter

func (*GraphicsAdapter) Size

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) Size() primitives.Dimensions

func (*GraphicsAdapter) TextureCreator

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) TextureCreator() graphics.TextureCreator

func (*GraphicsAdapter) TextureLoader

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) TextureLoader() graphics.TextureLoader

func (*GraphicsAdapter) WindowAdapter

func (adapter *GraphicsAdapter) WindowAdapter() graphics.WindowAdapter

type InputAdapter

type InputAdapter struct {
	InitCnt int

func (*InputAdapter) Controller

func (adapter *InputAdapter) Controller(number int) (*input.Controller, error)

func (*InputAdapter) ControllerCount

func (adapter *InputAdapter) ControllerCount() int

func (*InputAdapter) Init

func (adapter *InputAdapter) Init() error

func (*InputAdapter) Keyboard

func (adapter *InputAdapter) Keyboard() input.KeyboardAdapter

func (*InputAdapter) Update

func (adapter *InputAdapter) Update()

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