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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Client is a wrapper for discovery.DiscoveryClient

    func NewClient

    func NewClient(log logr.Logger, config *rest.Config) (*Client, error)

      NewClient creates a new discovery client

      func (*Client) CreateKindToGVRMap

      func (c *Client) CreateKindToGVRMap() (map[string][]schema.GroupVersionResource, error)

        CreateKindToGVRMap builds a mapping from kind to a slice of possible GroupVersionResources based on API resources from the discovery.DiscoveryClient. It does not map subresources (e.g., pods/status). This is a hack to work around the limited data available in constraint violations (kind only, no API group or version). Remove this as soon as a release containing this PR is available:

        func (*Client) GetConstraintGroupResources

        func (c *Client) GetConstraintGroupResources() ([]schema.GroupResource, error)

          GetConstraintGroupResources returns constraint types by category

          func (*Client) SetTimeout

          func (c *Client) SetTimeout(timeout time.Duration) error

            SetTimeout for calls to the API server

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