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Package config provides mechanisms for low-level scheduler tuning.



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const (
	DefaultOfferTTL                           = 5 * time.Second   // duration an offer is viable, prior to being expired
	DefaultOfferLingerTTL                     = 120 * time.Second // duration an expired offer lingers in history
	DefaultListenerDelay                      = 1 * time.Second   // duration between offer listener notifications
	DefaultUpdatesBacklog                     = 2048              // size of the pod updates channel
	DefaultFrameworkIdRefreshInterval         = 30 * time.Second  // interval we update the frameworkId stored in etcd
	DefaultInitialImplicitReconciliationDelay = 15 * time.Second  // wait this amount of time after initial registration before attempting implicit reconciliation
	DefaultExplicitReconciliationMaxBackoff   = 2 * time.Minute   // interval in between internal task status checks/updates
	DefaultExplicitReconciliationAbortTimeout = 30 * time.Second  // waiting period after attempting to cancel an ongoing reconciliation
	DefaultInitialPodBackoff                  = 1 * time.Second
	DefaultMaxPodBackoff                      = 60 * time.Second
	DefaultHttpHandlerTimeout                 = 10 * time.Second
	DefaultHttpBindInterval                   = 5 * time.Second


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type Config

type Config struct {
	OfferTTL                           WrappedDuration `gcfg:"offer-ttl"`
	OfferLingerTTL                     WrappedDuration `gcfg:"offer-linger-ttl"`
	ListenerDelay                      WrappedDuration `gcfg:"listener-delay"`
	UpdatesBacklog                     int             `gcfg:"updates-backlog"`
	FrameworkIdRefreshInterval         WrappedDuration `gcfg:"framework-id-refresh-interval"`
	InitialImplicitReconciliationDelay WrappedDuration `gcfg:"initial-implicit-reconciliation-delay"`
	ExplicitReconciliationMaxBackoff   WrappedDuration `gcfg:"explicit-reconciliation-max-backoff"`
	ExplicitReconciliationAbortTimeout WrappedDuration `gcfg:"explicit-reconciliation-abort-timeout"`
	InitialPodBackoff                  WrappedDuration `gcfg:"initial-pod-backoff"`
	MaxPodBackoff                      WrappedDuration `gcfg:"max-pod-backoff"`
	HttpHandlerTimeout                 WrappedDuration `gcfg:"http-handler-timeout"`
	HttpBindInterval                   WrappedDuration `gcfg:"http-bind-interval"`

func CreateDefaultConfig

func CreateDefaultConfig() *Config

func (*Config) Read

func (c *Config) Read(configReader io.Reader) error

func (*Config) SetDefaults

func (c *Config) SetDefaults()

type ConfigWrapper

type ConfigWrapper struct {
	Scheduler Config

type WrappedDuration

type WrappedDuration struct {

func (*WrappedDuration) UnmarshalText

func (wd *WrappedDuration) UnmarshalText(data []byte) error

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