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Published: Oct 10, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:


type AddURLService

type AddURLService struct {
	URL string `json:"url" binding:"required"`
	Dst string `json:"dst" binding:"required,min=1"`

AddURLService 添加URL离线下载服务

func (*AddURLService) Add

func (service *AddURLService) Add(c *gin.Context, taskType int) serializer.Response

Add 创建新的链接离线下载任务

type DownloadListService

type DownloadListService struct {
	Page uint `form:"page"`

DownloadListService 下载列表服务

func (*DownloadListService) Downloading

func (service *DownloadListService) Downloading(c *gin.Context, user *model.User) serializer.Response

Downloading 获取正在下载中的任务

func (*DownloadListService) Finished

func (service *DownloadListService) Finished(c *gin.Context, user *model.User) serializer.Response

Finished 获取已完成的任务

type DownloadTaskService

type DownloadTaskService struct {
	GID string `uri:"gid" binding:"required"`

DownloadTaskService 下载任务管理服务

func (*DownloadTaskService) Delete

func (service *DownloadTaskService) Delete(c *gin.Context) serializer.Response

Delete 取消下载任务

type SelectFileService

type SelectFileService struct {
	Indexes []int `json:"indexes" binding:"required"`

SelectFileService 选择要下载的文件服务

func (*SelectFileService) Select

func (service *SelectFileService) Select(c *gin.Context) serializer.Response

Select 选取要下载的文件

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