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type Expander

type Expander struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Expander executes templates in text or HTML mode with a common set of Prometheus template functions.

func NewTemplateExpander

func NewTemplateExpander(ctx context.Context, text string, name string, data interface{}, timestamp model.Time, queryEngine *promql.Engine, externalURL *url.URL) *Expander

NewTemplateExpander returns a template expander ready to use.

func (Expander) Expand

func (te Expander) Expand() (result string, resultErr error)

Expand expands a template in text (non-HTML) mode.

func (Expander) ExpandHTML

func (te Expander) ExpandHTML(templateFiles []string) (result string, resultErr error)

ExpandHTML expands a template with HTML escaping, with templates read from the given files.

func (Expander) Funcs

func (te Expander) Funcs(fm text_template.FuncMap)

Funcs adds the functions in fm to the Expander's function map. Existing functions will be overwritten in case of conflict.

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