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func AlphaDigitize

func AlphaDigitize(r rune) rune

AlphaDigitize replaces non-letter, non-digit, non-underscore characters with underscore.

func BaseName

func BaseName(name string) string

BaseName the last path element of a slash-delimited name, with the last dotted suffix removed.

func CamelCase

func CamelCase(s string) string

CamelCase converts a string from snake_case to CamelCased.

If there is an interior underscore followed by a lower case letter, drop the underscore and convert the letter to upper case. There is a remote possibility of this rewrite causing a name collision, but it's so remote we're prepared to pretend it's nonexistent - since the C++ generator lowercases names, it's extremely unlikely to have two fields with different capitalizations. In short, _my_field_name_2 becomes XMyFieldName_2.

func CamelCaseSlice

func CamelCaseSlice(elem []string) string

CamelCaseSlice is like CamelCase, but the argument is a slice of strings to be joined with "_" and then camelcased.

func CleanIdentifier

func CleanIdentifier(s string) string

CleanIdentifier makes sure s is a valid 'identifier' string: it contains only letters, numbers, and underscore.

func IsDir

func IsDir(name string) bool

func LcFirst

func LcFirst(str string) string

LcFirst lower the first letter


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