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const (
	ResConfApiKey = "res-conf-apikey"


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var ConfigBucketAccessPolicy *bool
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var SockEndpoint *string


func UnixConnect

func UnixConnect(addr string, t time.Duration) (net.Conn, error)


type IBMS3fsProvisioner

type IBMS3fsProvisioner struct {
	// Backend is the object store session factory
	Backend backend.ObjectStorageSessionFactory
	// GRPCBackend is the grpc session factory
	GRPCBackend grpcClient.GrpcSessionFactory
	// AccessPolicy is the resource configuration session factory
	AccessPolicy backend.AccessPolicyFactory
	// IBMProvider is the ibm provider client
	IBMProvider provider.IBMProviderClientFactory

	// Logger will be used for logging
	Logger *zap.Logger
	// Client is the Kubernetes Go-Client that will be used to fetch user credentials
	Client kubernetes.Interface
	// UUIDGenerator is a UUID generator that will be used to generate bucket names
	UUIDGenerator uuid.Generator

    IBMS3fsProvisioner is a dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes backed by Object Storage via s3fs

    func (*IBMS3fsProvisioner) Delete

      Delete deletes a persistent volume

      func (*IBMS3fsProvisioner) Provision

        Provision provisions a new persistent volume