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    var (
    	DefaultSignPolicyCRName = "sign-policy"


    func ChangeKubeContextToDefaultUser

    func ChangeKubeContextToDefaultUser(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) error

    func ChangeKubeContextToKubeAdmin

    func ChangeKubeContextToKubeAdmin() error

    func CheckConfigMap

    func CheckConfigMap(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) error

    func CheckEventNoSignature

    func CheckEventNoSignature(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) error

    func CheckIVResources

    func CheckIVResources(framework *Framework, kind, namespace, expected string) error

    func CheckPodStatus

    func CheckPodStatus(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) error

    func GetPodCondition

    func GetPodCondition(status *corev1.PodStatus, conditionType corev1.PodConditionType) (int, *corev1.PodCondition)

      GetPodCondition extracts the provided condition from the given status and returns that. Returns nil and -1 if the condition is not present, and the index of the located condition.

      func GetPodName

      func GetPodName(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) string

      func GetPodReadyCondition

      func GetPodReadyCondition(status corev1.PodStatus) *corev1.PodCondition

        GetPodReadyCondition extracts the pod ready condition from the given status and returns that. Returns nil if the condition is not present.

        func GetSecretName

        func GetSecretName(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) (string, error)

        func IsPodReady

        func IsPodReady(pod *corev1.Pod) bool

          IsPodReady returns true if a pod is ready; false otherwise.

          func IsPodReadyConditionTrue

          func IsPodReadyConditionTrue(status corev1.PodStatus) bool

            IsPodReadyConditionTrue returns true if a pod is ready; false otherwise.

            func IsTargetPodReadyConditionTrue

            func IsTargetPodReadyConditionTrue(pods *corev1.PodList, expected string) (found, ready bool)

            func Kubectl

            func Kubectl(args ...string) error

              Kubectl executes kubectl commands

              func KubectlOut

              func KubectlOut(args ...string) (error, string)

              func Load

              func Load(data []byte) (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)

              func LoadConfig

              func LoadConfig(config, context string) (*rest.Config, error)

              func LoadConfigMap

              func LoadConfigMap(framework *Framework, namespace, expected string) (error, *corev1.ConfigMap)

              func LoadFromFile

              func LoadFromFile(filename string) (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)

              func RestclientConfig

              func RestclientConfig(config, context string) (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)


              type Framework

              type Framework struct {
              	BaseName string
              	KubeConfig  string
              	KubeContext string
              	Kubectl     string
              	// KubeClientConfig which was used to create the connection.
              	KubeClientConfig *rest.Config
              	// Kubernetes API clientsets
              	KubeClientSet          kubernetes.Interface
              	APIExtensionsClientSet apiextcs.Interface
              	RSPClient              rspclient.ApisV1alpha1Interface
              	SignPolicyClient       spclient.ApisV1alpha1Interface
              	VerifierConfigClient   vcclient.ApisV1alpha1Interface
              	// Namespace in which all test resources should reside
              	Namespace *v1.Namespace