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func FilterPods

func FilterPods(pods []*v1.Pod, phase v1.PodPhase) int

    filterPods returns pods based on their phase.

    func GetPodResources

    func GetPodResources(template *v1.PodTemplateSpec) *clusterstateapi.Resource

    func GetPodResourcesByPhase

    func GetPodResourcesByPhase(phase v1.PodPhase, pods []*v1.Pod) *clusterstateapi.Resource

      filterPods returns pods based on their phase.


      type Factory

      type Factory func(config *rest.Config) Interface

        Factory is a function that returns an Interface for queue job resources.

        type Interface

        type Interface interface {
        	SyncQueueJob(queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper, qjobRes *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource) error
        	UpdateQueueJobStatus(queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper) error
        	GetAggregatedResources(queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper) *clusterstateapi.Resource
        	GetAggregatedResourcesByPriority(priority float64, queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper) *clusterstateapi.Resource
        	//TODO: Add to calculate more accurate partial deployments while job is being realized
        	//	GetAggregatedResourcesByPhase(phase v1.PodPhase, queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper) *clusterstateapi.Resource
        	Cleanup(queuejob *qjobv1.AppWrapper, qjobRes *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource) error
        	Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

          Interface is an abstract interface for queue job resource management.

          type RefByLabel

          type RefByLabel struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            RefByLabel : A reference manager by resource vector index

            func (*RefByLabel) AddReference

            func (rm *RefByLabel) AddReference(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, ownee runtime.Object) error

              AddReference : add ref

              func (*RefByLabel) AddTag

              func (rm *RefByLabel) AddTag(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, getTag func() string) error

                AddTag : add tag

                func (*RefByLabel) BelongTo

                func (rm *RefByLabel) BelongTo(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, ownee runtime.Object) bool

                  BelongTo : belong to QJ

                  type RefManager

                  type RefManager interface {
                  	//Tag the owner
                  	AddTag(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, getTag func() string) error
                  	//check whether ownee is a member of owner
                  	BelongTo(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, ownee runtime.Object) bool
                  	//mark the ownee to be a member of owner
                  	AddReference(owner *qjobv1.AppWrapperResource, ownee runtime.Object) error

                    RefManager : Define reference manager commont interface

                    func NewLabelRefManager

                    func NewLabelRefManager() RefManager

                      NewLabelRefManager : new ref manager

                      type RegisteredResources

                      type RegisteredResources struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        RegisteredResources : registered resources

                        func (*RegisteredResources) InitQueueJobResource

                        func (rres *RegisteredResources) InitQueueJobResource(t qjobv1.ResourceType,
                        	config *rest.Config) (Interface, bool, error)

                          InitQueueJobResource creates an instance of the type queue job resource. It returns `false` if the type is not known.

                          func (*RegisteredResources) Register

                          func (rres *RegisteredResources) Register(t qjobv1.ResourceType, factory Factory)

                            Register registers a Factory by type. This is expected to happen during app startup.

                            func (*RegisteredResources) Registered

                            func (rres *RegisteredResources) Registered() []qjobv1.ResourceType

                              Registered enumerates the names of all registered plugins.