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const (
	// AppName of the application
	AppName = "boilr"

	// ConfigDirPath is the configuration directory of the application
	ConfigDirPath = ".config/boilr"

	// ConfigFileName is the configuration file name of the application
	ConfigFileName = "config.json"

	// TemplateDir is the directory that contains the template registry
	TemplateDir = "templates"

	// ContextFileName is the name of the file that contains the context values for the template
	ContextFileName = "project.json"

	// TemplateDirName is the name of the directory that contains the template files in a boilr template
	TemplateDirName = "template"

	// TemplateMetadataName is the name of the file that contains the metadata about the template saved in registry
	TemplateMetadataName = "__metadata.json"

	// GithubOwner is the owner of the github repository
	GithubOwner = "ilyes512"

	// GithubRepo is the name of the github repository
	GithubRepo = "boilr"


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var (
	// Version of the application
	Version = "NOT_SET"

	// BuildDate of the application
	BuildDate = "NOT_SET"

	// Commit hash of the application
	Commit = "NOT_SET"

All the below variables should be set with -X go linker option

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var Configuration = struct {
	FilePath        string
	ConfigDirPath   string
	TemplateDirPath string
	IgnoreCopyFiles []string

Configuration contains the values for needed for boilr to operate. These values can be overridden by the inclusion of a boilr.json file in the configuration directory.

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var (
	// ErrTemplateAlreadyExists indicates that a template is already present in the local registry.
	ErrTemplateAlreadyExists = errors.New("boilr: project template already exists")


func IsTemplateDirInitialized

func IsTemplateDirInitialized() (bool, error)

IsTemplateDirInitialized returns true when the template dir is already initialized.

func TemplatePath

func TemplatePath(name string) (string, error)

TemplatePath returns the absolute path of a template given the name of the template.


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