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func SetRR added in v1.8.5

func SetRR(m *dns.Msg, rrs []RR)

SetRR appends rrs to m.


type Arbitrary

type Arbitrary struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewArbitrary

func NewArbitrary() *Arbitrary

func (*Arbitrary) BatchLoad

func (a *Arbitrary) BatchLoad(entries []string) error

BatchLoad loads records from multiple entries. If a entry has prefix "ext:", BatchLoad loads it as a file using LoadFromFile. Otherwise, BatchLoad loads it as a text using LoadFromText.

func (*Arbitrary) BatchLoadFiles added in v1.8.5

func (a *Arbitrary) BatchLoadFiles(files []string) error

BatchLoadFiles loads records from multiple files.

func (*Arbitrary) LoadFromFile

func (a *Arbitrary) LoadFromFile(path string) error

LoadFromFile loads records from a file.

func (*Arbitrary) LoadFromReader

func (a *Arbitrary) LoadFromReader(r io.Reader) error

LoadFromReader loads records from a textual io.Reader.

func (*Arbitrary) LoadFromText

func (a *Arbitrary) LoadFromText(s string) error

LoadFromText loads records from a string. Text format: [pattern] [qclass] [qtype] [section] [RFC 1035 resource record] [qclass] and [qtype] can be numerical. e.g. IN A ANSWER IN A IN A NA IN SOA ( 2020091025 7200 3600 1209600 3600 )

func (*Arbitrary) Lookup added in v1.8.5

func (a *Arbitrary) Lookup(q dns.Question) []RR

func (*Arbitrary) LookupMsg added in v1.8.5

func (a *Arbitrary) LookupMsg(m *dns.Msg) *dns.Msg

type RR

type RR struct {
	RR dns.RR

type Section

type Section uint8
const (
	SectionAnswer Section = iota
	SectionNs     Section = iota
	SectionExtra  Section = iota

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