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Server Example

  • REST API => Resources
  • Each resource is it's own CDS
  • Thus, each resource could have a POSET which wraps its main global graph
  • Each resource will have a set of UIs which covers (addresses) the entirety of all nodes and edges (relationships between nodes) in the resource CDS (often a DB table, etc.)
    • A single UI is fine as well (and will be a common case)
  • Every user session creates a single VUI per resource.
    • Each VUI contains all the user's entities of that resource type
  • VUIs can be ordered in the resource's global graph by the resource POSET if necessary
  • Each VUI is the space for a VDG Lattice. This VDG lattice is the User Request Lattice (User Request POSET) for that resource.

Important: when designing the system it is critical that structural updates (any updates, really) made to the CDS are reflected in each DG node.


A single tree resource. A tree with a root node, and each branch of the tree belongs to a different user. A user can add, remove, update, and read nodes in its branch.

Note: a tree structure is only preserved at the top level right now. It is still possible for a user to extend the tree with structures that make the tree structure no longer a tree structure.


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