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go-overpass is a Go library for accessing the Overpass API

Documentation: GoDoc



Package go-overpass provides a client for using the Overpass API.


import "github.com/serjvanilla/go-overpass"

Construct a new client, then use Query method on the client to receive result for your OverpassQL queries.

client := overpass.New()

//Retrive relation with all its members, recursively.
result, _ := client.Query("[out:json];relation(1673881);>>;out body;")
//Take a note that you shoud use "[out:json]" in your query for correct work.

Default client uses overpass-api.de endpoint but you can choose another with NewWithSettings method.

client := overpass.NewWithSettings("http://api.openstreetmap.fr/oapi/interpreter/", 1, http.DefaultClient)

You also can use default client directly by calling Query independently.

result, _ := overpass.Query("[out:json];relation(1673881);>>;out body;")

Rate limiting

Library respects servers rate limits and will not perform more than one request simultaneously with default client. With custom client you able to adjust that value.



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var (
	// ErrHTTPError is returned on HTTP client errors
	ErrHTTPError = errors.New("HTTP error")
	// ErrOverpassError is returned when overpass returns not valid response
	ErrOverpassError = errors.New("Overpass engine error")
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var DefaultClient = New()


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Client manages communication with the Overpass API.

func New

func New() Client

New returns Client instance with default overpass-api.de endpoint.

func NewWithSettings

func NewWithSettings(
	apiEndpoint string,
	maxParallel int,
	httpClient *http.Client,
) Client

NewWithSettings returns Client with custom settings.

func (*Client) Query

func (c *Client) Query(query string) (Result, error)

Query send request to OverpassAPI with provided querystring.

type ElementType

type ElementType string

ElementType represents possible types for Overpass response elements.

const (
	ElementTypeNode     ElementType = "node"
	ElementTypeWay      ElementType = "way"
	ElementTypeRelation ElementType = "relation"

Possible values are node, way and relation.

type Meta

type Meta struct {
	ID        int64
	Timestamp *time.Time
	Version   int64
	Changeset int64
	User      string
	UID       int64
	Tags      map[string]string

Meta contains fields common for all OSM types.

type Node

type Node struct {
	Lat float64
	Lon float64

Node represents OSM node type.

type Relation

type Relation struct {
	Members []RelationMember

Relation represents OSM relation type.

type RelationMember

type RelationMember struct {
	Type     ElementType
	Node     *Node
	Way      *Way
	Relation *Relation
	Role     string

RelationMember represents OSM relation member type.

type Result

type Result struct {
	Count     int
	Nodes     map[int64]*Node
	Ways      map[int64]*Way
	Relations map[int64]*Relation

Result returned by Query and contains parsed result of Overpass query.

func Query

func Query(query string) (Result, error)

Query runs query with default client.

type Way

type Way struct {
	Nodes []*Node

Way represents OSM way type.

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