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Package audit - Implementations of operational transform auditors responsible for taking a stream of operational transform and creating useful features from that stream.



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type Auditor

type Auditor interface {
	// OnTransform - Is called by binder threads synchronously for each received
	// transform. Therefore, the implementation must be thread safe and avoid
	// blocking. An implementation may wish to perform validation on the
	// transform, in the case of a 'fail' an error should be returned, which
	// will prevent the transform from being applied.
	OnTransform(tform text.OTransform) error

Auditor - A type that receives all transforms from a running binder as they arrive. The purpose of this type is to expose the flowing data to other components.

type CompressedAuditor

type CompressedAuditor struct {
	Transforms []text.OTransform
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CompressedAuditor - Audit a documents transforms into a compressed structure for serialisation.

func (*CompressedAuditor) OnTransform

func (d *CompressedAuditor) OnTransform(tform text.OTransform) error

OnTransform - Is called for every transform on a document as they arrive.

type ToJSON

type ToJSON struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ToJSON - An auditor collection that takes streams of operational transforms and can serialise them to JSON format: {

"document_1": [...],
"document_2": [...]


func NewToJSON

func NewToJSON() *ToJSON

NewToJSON - Create a new auditor collection that serialises to JSON structure.

func (*ToJSON) Deserialise

func (t *ToJSON) Deserialise(data []byte) error

Deserialise - Repopulate all audits based on a JSON serialised copy.

func (*ToJSON) Get

func (t *ToJSON) Get(binderID string) (Auditor, error)

Get - Return an auditor for a document.

func (*ToJSON) Reapply

func (t *ToJSON) Reapply(docStore store.Type) error

Reapply - Reapply the audited changes to a document store.

func (*ToJSON) Serialise

func (t *ToJSON) Serialise() ([]byte, error)

Serialise - Return a JSON serialised copy of all audits.

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