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func ComputeCombinedDepList added in v10.2.1

func ComputeCombinedDepList(pkg *aur.Pkg, noDeps, noCheckDeps bool) [][]string

Compute dependency lists used in Package dep searching and ordering. Order sensitive TOFIX


type Base

type Base []*aur.Pkg

Base is an AUR base package

func GetBases

func GetBases(pkgs []*aur.Pkg) []Base

func (Base) Pkgbase

func (b Base) Pkgbase() string

Pkgbase returns the first base package.

func (Base) String

func (b Base) String() string

Packages foo and bar from a pkgbase named base would print like so: base (foo bar)

func (Base) URLPath

func (b Base) URLPath() string

URLPath returns the first base package URL.

func (Base) Version

func (b Base) Version() string

Version returns the first base package version.

type Order

type Order struct {
	Aur     []Base
	Repo    []db.IPackage
	Runtime stringset.StringSet

func GetOrder

func GetOrder(dp *Pool, noDeps, noCheckDeps bool) *Order

func (*Order) GetMake

func (do *Order) GetMake() []string

func (*Order) HasMake

func (do *Order) HasMake() bool

func (*Order) Print

func (do *Order) Print()

Print prints repository packages to be downloaded

type Pool

type Pool struct {
	Targets      []Target
	Explicit     stringset.StringSet
	Repo         map[string]db.IPackage
	Aur          map[string]*query.Pkg
	AurCache     map[string]*query.Pkg
	Groups       []string
	AlpmExecutor db.Executor
	Warnings     *query.AURWarnings
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func GetPool

func GetPool(pkgs []string,
	warnings *query.AURWarnings,
	dbExecutor db.Executor,
	aurClient *aur.Client,
	mode settings.TargetMode,
	ignoreProviders, noConfirm, provides bool,
	rebuild string, splitN int, noDeps bool, noCheckDeps bool) (*Pool, error)

func (*Pool) CheckConflicts

func (dp *Pool) CheckConflicts(useAsk, noConfirm, noDeps bool) (stringset.MapStringSet, error)

func (*Pool) CheckMissing

func (dp *Pool) CheckMissing(noDeps, noCheckDeps bool) error

func (*Pool) ResolveRepoDependency

func (dp *Pool) ResolveRepoDependency(pkg db.IPackage, noDeps bool)

func (*Pool) ResolveTargets

func (dp *Pool) ResolveTargets(pkgs []string,
	mode settings.TargetMode,
	ignoreProviders, noConfirm, provides bool, rebuild string, splitN int, noDeps, noCheckDeps bool) error

Includes db/ prefixes and group installs

type Target

type Target struct {
	DB      string
	Name    string
	Mod     string
	Version string

func ToTarget

func ToTarget(pkg string) Target

func (Target) DepString

func (t Target) DepString() string

func (Target) String

func (t Target) String() string

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