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type Package

type Package struct {
	PBase         string
	PBuildDate    time.Time
	PDB           alpm.IDB
	PDescription  string
	PISize        int64
	PName         string
	PShouldIgnore bool
	PSize         int64
	PVersion      string
	PReason       alpm.PkgReason

func (*Package) Architecture

func (p *Package) Architecture() string

Architecture returns the package target Architecture.

func (*Package) Backup

func (p *Package) Backup() alpm.BackupList

Backup returns a list of package backups.

func (*Package) Base

func (p *Package) Base() string

func (*Package) Base64Signature

func (p *Package) Base64Signature() string

func (*Package) BuildDate

func (p *Package) BuildDate() time.Time

func (*Package) CheckDepends

func (p *Package) CheckDepends() alpm.DependList

Depends returns the package's check dependency list.

func (*Package) ComputeOptionalFor

func (p *Package) ComputeOptionalFor() []string

ComputeOptionalFor returns the names of packages that optionally require the given package.

func (*Package) ComputeRequiredBy

func (p *Package) ComputeRequiredBy() []string

ComputeRequiredBy returns the names of reverse dependencies of a package.

func (*Package) Conflicts

func (p *Package) Conflicts() alpm.DependList

Conflicts returns the conflicts of the package as a DependList.

func (*Package) ContainsFile

func (p *Package) ContainsFile(path string) (alpm.File, error)

ContainsFile checks if the path is in the package filelist.

func (*Package) DB

func (p *Package) DB() alpm.IDB

func (*Package) Depends

func (p *Package) Depends() alpm.DependList

Depends returns the package's dependency list.

func (*Package) Description

func (p *Package) Description() string

func (*Package) FileName

func (p *Package) FileName() string

func (*Package) Files

func (p *Package) Files() []alpm.File

Files returns the file list of the package.

func (*Package) Groups

func (p *Package) Groups() alpm.StringList

Groups returns the groups the package belongs to.

func (*Package) ISize

func (p *Package) ISize() int64

func (*Package) InstallDate

func (p *Package) InstallDate() time.Time

InstallDate returns the package install date.

func (*Package) Licenses

func (p *Package) Licenses() alpm.StringList

Licenses returns the package license list.

func (*Package) MD5Sum

func (p *Package) MD5Sum() string

MD5Sum returns package MD5Sum.

func (*Package) MakeDepends

func (p *Package) MakeDepends() alpm.DependList

Depends returns the package's make dependency list.

func (*Package) Name

func (p *Package) Name() string

func (*Package) OptionalDepends

func (p *Package) OptionalDepends() alpm.DependList

Depends returns the package's optional dependency list.

func (*Package) Origin

func (p *Package) Origin() alpm.PkgFrom

Origin returns package origin.

func (*Package) Packager

func (p *Package) Packager() string

Packager returns package packager name.

func (*Package) Provides

func (p *Package) Provides() alpm.DependList

Provides returns DependList of packages provides by package.

func (*Package) Reason

func (p *Package) Reason() alpm.PkgReason

func (*Package) Replaces

func (p *Package) Replaces() alpm.DependList

Replaces returns a DependList with the packages this package replaces.

func (*Package) SHA256Sum

func (p *Package) SHA256Sum() string

SHA256Sum returns package SHA256Sum.

func (*Package) ShouldIgnore

func (p *Package) ShouldIgnore() bool

func (*Package) Size

func (p *Package) Size() int64

func (*Package) SyncNewVersion

func (p *Package) SyncNewVersion(l alpm.IDBList) alpm.IPackage

SyncNewVersion checks if there is a new version of the package in a given DBlist.

func (*Package) Type

func (p *Package) Type() string

func (*Package) URL

func (p *Package) URL() string

URL returns the upstream URL of the package.

func (*Package) Validation

func (p *Package) Validation() alpm.Validation

func (*Package) Version

func (p *Package) Version() string

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