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type AlpmExecutor

type AlpmExecutor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewExecutor

func NewExecutor(pacmanConf *pacmanconf.Config) (*AlpmExecutor, error)

func (*AlpmExecutor) AlpmArchitectures

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) AlpmArchitectures() ([]string, error)

func (*AlpmExecutor) BiggestPackages

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) BiggestPackages() []alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) Cleanup

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) Cleanup()

func (*AlpmExecutor) IsCorrectVersionInstalled

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) IsCorrectVersionInstalled(pkgName, versionRequired string) bool

func (*AlpmExecutor) LastBuildTime

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) LastBuildTime() time.Time

func (*AlpmExecutor) LocalPackage

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) LocalPackage(pkgName string) alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) LocalPackages

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) LocalPackages() []alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) LocalSatisfierExists

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) LocalSatisfierExists(pkgName string) bool

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackageConflicts

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackageConflicts(pkg alpm.IPackage) []alpm.Depend

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackageDepends

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackageDepends(pkg alpm.IPackage) []alpm.Depend

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackageGroups

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackageGroups(pkg alpm.IPackage) []string

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackageOptionalDepends

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackageOptionalDepends(pkg alpm.IPackage) []alpm.Depend

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackageProvides

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackageProvides(pkg alpm.IPackage) []alpm.Depend

func (*AlpmExecutor) PackagesFromGroup

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) PackagesFromGroup(groupName string) []alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) RefreshHandle

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) RefreshHandle() error

func (*AlpmExecutor) RepoUpgrades

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) RepoUpgrades(enableDowngrade bool) ([]db.Upgrade, error)

upRepo gathers local packages and checks if they have new versions. Output: Upgrade type package list.

func (*AlpmExecutor) Repos

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) Repos() (repos []string)

func (*AlpmExecutor) SatisfierFromDB

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) SatisfierFromDB(pkgName, dbName string) alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) SyncPackage

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) SyncPackage(pkgName string) alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) SyncPackages

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) SyncPackages(pkgNames ...string) []alpm.IPackage

SyncPackages searches SyncDB for packages or returns all packages if no search param is given.

func (*AlpmExecutor) SyncSatisfier

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) SyncSatisfier(pkgName string) alpm.IPackage

func (*AlpmExecutor) SyncSatisfierExists

func (ae *AlpmExecutor) SyncSatisfierExists(pkgName string) bool

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