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var HideMenus = false

HideMenus indicates if pacman's provider menus must be hidden.

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var NoConfirm = false

NoConfirm indicates if user input should be skipped.


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type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	AURURL             string   `json:"aururl"`
	BuildDir           string   `json:"buildDir"`
	Editor             string   `json:"editor"`
	EditorFlags        string   `json:"editorflags"`
	MakepkgBin         string   `json:"makepkgbin"`
	MakepkgConf        string   `json:"makepkgconf"`
	PacmanBin          string   `json:"pacmanbin"`
	PacmanConf         string   `json:"pacmanconf"`
	ReDownload         string   `json:"redownload"`
	ReBuild            string   `json:"rebuild"`
	AnswerClean        string   `json:"answerclean"`
	AnswerDiff         string   `json:"answerdiff"`
	AnswerEdit         string   `json:"answeredit"`
	AnswerUpgrade      string   `json:"answerupgrade"`
	GitBin             string   `json:"gitbin"`
	GpgBin             string   `json:"gpgbin"`
	GpgFlags           string   `json:"gpgflags"`
	MFlags             string   `json:"mflags"`
	SortBy             string   `json:"sortby"`
	SearchBy           string   `json:"searchby"`
	GitFlags           string   `json:"gitflags"`
	RemoveMake         string   `json:"removemake"`
	SudoBin            string   `json:"sudobin"`
	SudoFlags          string   `json:"sudoflags"`
	RequestSplitN      int      `json:"requestsplitn"`
	CompletionInterval int      `json:"completionrefreshtime"`
	BottomUp           bool     `json:"bottomup"`
	SudoLoop           bool     `json:"sudoloop"`
	TimeUpdate         bool     `json:"timeupdate"`
	Devel              bool     `json:"devel"`
	CleanAfter         bool     `json:"cleanAfter"`
	Provides           bool     `json:"provides"`
	PGPFetch           bool     `json:"pgpfetch"`
	UpgradeMenu        bool     `json:"upgrademenu"`
	CleanMenu          bool     `json:"cleanmenu"`
	DiffMenu           bool     `json:"diffmenu"`
	EditMenu           bool     `json:"editmenu"`
	CombinedUpgrade    bool     `json:"combinedupgrade"`
	UseAsk             bool     `json:"useask"`
	BatchInstall       bool     `json:"batchinstall"`
	SingleLineResults  bool     `json:"singlelineresults"`
	Runtime            *Runtime `json:"-"`

Configuration stores yay's config.

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() *Configuration

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(version string) (*Configuration, error)

func (*Configuration) CmdBuilder

func (c *Configuration) CmdBuilder(runner exe.Runner) exe.ICmdBuilder

func (*Configuration) ParseCommandLine

func (c *Configuration) ParseCommandLine(a *parser.Arguments) error

func (*Configuration) Save

func (c *Configuration) Save(configPath string) error

SaveConfig writes yay config to file.

func (*Configuration) String

func (c *Configuration) String() string

type ErrPrivilegeElevatorNotFound

type ErrPrivilegeElevatorNotFound struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ErrPrivilegeElevatorNotFound) Error

type ErrRuntimeDir

type ErrRuntimeDir struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ErrRuntimeDir) Error

func (e *ErrRuntimeDir) Error() string

type ErrUserAbort added in v11.1.0

type ErrUserAbort struct{}

func (ErrUserAbort) Error added in v11.1.0

func (e ErrUserAbort) Error() string

type Runtime

type Runtime struct {
	Mode           parser.TargetMode
	SaveConfig     bool
	CompletionPath string
	ConfigPath     string
	PacmanConf     *pacmanconf.Config
	VCSStore       *vcs.InfoStore
	CmdBuilder     exe.ICmdBuilder
	HTTPClient     *http.Client
	AURClient      *aur.Client


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