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type Arguments

type Arguments struct {
	Op      string
	Options map[string]*Option
	Targets []string

Arguments Parses command line arguments in a way we can interact with programmatically but also in a way that can easily be passed to pacman later on.

func MakeArguments

func MakeArguments() *Arguments

func (*Arguments) AddArg

func (a *Arguments) AddArg(options ...string) error

func (*Arguments) AddTarget

func (a *Arguments) AddTarget(targets ...string)

func (*Arguments) ClearTargets

func (a *Arguments) ClearTargets()

func (*Arguments) Copy

func (a *Arguments) Copy() (cp *Arguments)

func (*Arguments) CopyGlobal

func (a *Arguments) CopyGlobal() *Arguments

func (*Arguments) CreateOrAppendOption

func (a *Arguments) CreateOrAppendOption(option string, values ...string)

func (*Arguments) DelArg

func (a *Arguments) DelArg(options ...string)

func (*Arguments) ExistsArg

func (a *Arguments) ExistsArg(options ...string) bool

Multiple args acts as an OR operator.

func (*Arguments) ExistsDouble

func (a *Arguments) ExistsDouble(options ...string) bool

Multiple args acts as an OR operator.

func (*Arguments) FormatArgs

func (a *Arguments) FormatArgs() (args []string)

func (*Arguments) FormatGlobals

func (a *Arguments) FormatGlobals() (args []string)

func (*Arguments) GetArg

func (a *Arguments) GetArg(options ...string) (arg string, double, exists bool)

func (*Arguments) GetArgs

func (a *Arguments) GetArgs(option string) (args []string)

func (*Arguments) NeedRoot

func (a *Arguments) NeedRoot(mode TargetMode) bool

func (*Arguments) Parse

func (a *Arguments) Parse() error

func (*Arguments) String

func (a *Arguments) String() string

type Option

type Option struct {
	Global bool
	Args   []string

func (*Option) Add

func (o *Option) Add(args ...string)

func (*Option) First

func (o *Option) First() string

func (*Option) Set

func (o *Option) Set(arg string)

func (*Option) String

func (o *Option) String() string

type TargetMode

type TargetMode int
const (
	ModeAny TargetMode = iota

func (TargetMode) AtLeastAUR

func (mode TargetMode) AtLeastAUR() bool

func (TargetMode) AtLeastRepo

func (mode TargetMode) AtLeastRepo() bool

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