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type InfoStore

type InfoStore struct {
	OriginsByPackage map[string]OriginInfoByURL
	FilePath         string
	CmdBuilder       exe.GitCmdBuilder

InfoStore is a collection of OriginInfoByURL by Package. Containing a map of last commit SHAs of a repo.

func NewInfoStore

func NewInfoStore(filePath string, cmdBuilder exe.GitCmdBuilder) *InfoStore

func (InfoStore) Load

func (v InfoStore) Load() error

LoadStore reads a json file and populates a InfoStore structure.

func (*InfoStore) NeedsUpdate

func (v *InfoStore) NeedsUpdate(ctx context.Context, infos OriginInfoByURL) bool

func (*InfoStore) RemovePackage

func (v *InfoStore) RemovePackage(pkgs []string)

RemovePackage removes package from VCS information.

func (*InfoStore) Save

func (v *InfoStore) Save() error

func (*InfoStore) Update

func (v *InfoStore) Update(ctx context.Context, pkgName string,
	sources []gosrc.ArchString, mux sync.Locker, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

type OriginInfo

type OriginInfo struct {
	Protocols []string `json:"protocols"`
	Branch    string   `json:"branch"`
	SHA       string   `json:"sha"`

OriginInfo contains the last commit sha of a repo Example: "": {

"protocols": [
"branch": "next",
"sha": "c1171d41467c68ffd3c46748182a16366aaaf87b"


type OriginInfoByURL

type OriginInfoByURL map[string]OriginInfo

OriginInfoByURL stores the OriginInfo of each origin URL provided.

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