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type Config

type Config ucfg.Config

Config object to store hierarchical configurations into. See

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

func NewConfigFrom

func NewConfigFrom(from interface{}) (*Config, error)

NewConfigFrom creates a new Config object from the given input. From can be any kind of structured data(struct, map, array, slice).

func (*Config) Child

func (c *Config) Child(name string, idx int) (*Config, error)

func (*Config) Enabled

func (c *Config) Enabled() bool

func (*Config) GetFields

func (c *Config) GetFields() []string

func (*Config) HasField

func (c *Config) HasField(name string) bool

func (*Config) String

func (c *Config) String(name string, idx int) (string, error)

func (*Config) Unpack

func (c *Config) Unpack(to interface{}) error

type ConfigNamespace

type ConfigNamespace struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigNamespace storing at most one configuration section by name and sub-section.

func (*ConfigNamespace) Config

func (ns *ConfigNamespace) Config() *Config

func (*ConfigNamespace) IsSet

func (ns *ConfigNamespace) IsSet() bool

func (*ConfigNamespace) Name

func (ns *ConfigNamespace) Name() string

func (*ConfigNamespace) Unpack

func (ns *ConfigNamespace) Unpack(cfg *Config) error

Unpack unpacks a configuration with at most one sub object. An sub object is ignored if it is disabled by setting `enabled: false`. If the configuration passed contains multiple active sub objects, Unpack will return an error.

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Package atomic provides common primitive types with atomic accessors.
Package atomic provides common primitive types with atomic accessors.

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