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var (
	ErrCommandNotFound     = errors.New("command not found")
	ErrCommandArgsNotFound = errors.New("command arguments not found")
	ErrCommandsMustBeFed   = errors.New("commands must be provided")


func StrArrReplace

func StrArrReplace(spl string, arr, rarr []string) []string

StrArrReplace is to replace an array with a replace array based on a special charcter


type CmdHelper

type CmdHelper struct {
	CommandArgs map[string][]string
	Writer      io.Writer

func New

func New(cmds map[string][]string, writer io.Writer) (c *CmdHelper, err error)

New returns new CmdHelper

func NewWithCmds

func NewWithCmds(cmds map[string][]string, writer io.Writer) (c *CmdHelper, err error)

NewWithCmds returns new CmdHelper provided by cmds (map of commands to execute)

func (*CmdHelper) CliRunner

func (c *CmdHelper) CliRunner(name string, input io.Reader, args ...string) (string, error)

func (*CmdHelper) Format

func (c *CmdHelper) Format(cmdKey, spl string, rarr []string)

Forat formats the command array with given replace arr. It uses spl (special char) parameter to replace

func (*CmdHelper) Run

func (c *CmdHelper) Run(name string, input io.Reader, cmdKey string) (string, error)

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