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type Config

type Config struct {
	Host         string `toml:"host" json:"host"`
	Port         int    `toml:"port" json:"port"`
	Store        string `toml:"store" json:"store"`
	Path         string `toml:"path" json:"path"`
	Socket       string `toml:"socket" json:"socket"`
	BinlogSocket string `toml:"binlog-socket" json:"binlog-socket"`
	Lease        string `toml:"lease" json:"lease"`
	RunDDL       bool   `toml:"run-ddl" json:"run-ddl"`
	SplitTable   bool   `toml:"split-table" json:"split-table"`
	TokenLimit   int    `toml:"token-limit" json:"token-limit"`

	Log         Log         `toml:"log" json:"log"`
	Security    Security    `toml:"security" json:"security"`
	Status      Status      `toml:"status" json:"status"`
	Performance Performance `toml:"performance" json:"performance"`
	XProtocol   XProtocol   `toml:"xprotocol" json:"xprotocol"`
	PlanCache   PlanCache   `toml:"plan-cache" json:"plan-cache"`

Config contains configuration options.

func GetGlobalConfig

func GetGlobalConfig() *Config

GetGlobalConfig returns the global configuration for this server. It should store configuration from command line and configuration file. Other parts of the system can read the global configuration use this function.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

NewConfig creates a new config instance with default value.

func (*Config) Load

func (c *Config) Load(confFile string) error

Load loads config options from a toml file.

type Log

type Log struct {
	// Log level.
	Level string `toml:"level" json:"level"`
	// Log format. one of json, text, or console.
	Format string `toml:"format" json:"format"`
	// Disable automatic timestamps in output.
	DisableTimestamp bool `toml:"disable-timestamp" json:"disable-timestamp"`
	// File log config.
	File logutil.FileLogConfig `toml:"file" json:"file"`

	SlowQueryFile  string `toml:"slow-query-file" json:"slow-query-file"`
	SlowThreshold  int    `toml:"slow-threshold" json:"slow-threshold"`
	QueryLogMaxLen int    `toml:"query-log-max-len" json:"query-log-max-len"`

Log is the log section of config.

func (*Log) ToLogConfig

func (l *Log) ToLogConfig() *logutil.LogConfig

ToLogConfig converts *Log to *logutil.LogConfig.

type Performance

type Performance struct {
	TCPKeepAlive    bool   `toml:"tcp-keep-alive" json:"tcp-keep-alive"`
	RetryLimit      int    `toml:"retry-limit" json:"retry-limit"`
	JoinConcurrency int    `toml:"join-concurrency" json:"join-concurrency"`
	CrossJoin       bool   `toml:"cross-join" json:"cross-join"`
	StatsLease      string `toml:"stats-lease" json:"stats-lease"`
	RunAutoAnalyze  bool   `toml:"run-auto-analyze" json:"run-auto-analyze"`
	StmtCountLimit  int    `toml:"stmt-count-limit" json:"stmt-count-limit"`

Performance is the performance section of the config.

type PlanCache

type PlanCache struct {
	Enabled  bool  `toml:"plan-cache-enabled" json:"plan-cache-enabled"`
	Capacity int64 `toml:"plan-cache-capacity" json:"plan-cache-capacity"`
	Shards   int64 `toml:"plan-cache-shards" json:"plan-cache-shards"`

PlanCache is the PlanCache section of the config.

type Security

type Security struct {
	SkipGrantTable bool   `toml:"skip-grant-table" json:"skip-grant-table"`
	SSLCA          string `toml:"ssl-ca" json:"ssl-ca"`
	SSLCert        string `toml:"ssl-cert" json:"ssl-cert"`
	SSLKey         string `toml:"ssl-key" json:"ssl-key"`

Security is the security section of the config.

type Status

type Status struct {
	ReportStatus    bool   `toml:"report-status" json:"report-status"`
	StatusPort      int    `toml:"status-port" json:"status-port"`
	MetricsAddr     string `toml:"metrics-addr" json:"metrics-addr"`
	MetricsInterval int    `toml:"metrics-interval" json:"metrics-interval"`

Status is the status section of the config.

type XProtocol

type XProtocol struct {
	XServer bool   `toml:"xserver" json:"xserver"`
	XHost   string `toml:"xhost" json:"xhost"`
	XPort   int    `toml:"xport" json:"xport"`
	XSocket string `toml:"xsocket" json:"xsocket"`

XProtocol is the XProtocol section of the config.

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