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const Add = "ADD"
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const DbTestDir = `../../pkg/database/`
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const Delimiter = ","
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const Retain = "RETAIN"
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const SQLExtension = ".sql"


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func CompareContent

func CompareContent(t *testing.T, goldenFile, output string)

func CompareSQL

func CompareSQL(t *testing.T, expected map[string]string, actual []ScriptOutput)

func CreateTableDepthMap

func CreateTableDepthMap(tableMap map[string]*sysl.Type) map[int][]string

func GenerateFromSQLMap

func GenerateFromSQLMap(m []ScriptOutput, fs afero.Fs, logger *logrus.Logger) error


type ScriptOutput

type ScriptOutput struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeScriptOutput

func MakeScriptOutput(filename, content string) *ScriptOutput

type ScriptView

type ScriptView struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeDatabaseScriptView

func MakeDatabaseScriptView(title string, logger *logrus.Logger,
) *ScriptView

func (*ScriptView) GenerateDatabaseScriptCreate

func (v *ScriptView) GenerateDatabaseScriptCreate(tableMap map[string]*sysl.Type,
	dbType, appName string) string

func (*ScriptView) ProcessModSysls

func (v *ScriptView) ProcessModSysls(appsOld, appsNew map[string]*sysl.Application,
	appNames []string, outputDir, dbType string) []ScriptOutput

type TableDetails

type TableDetails struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeTableDetails

func MakeTableDetails(table, tableOld *sysl.Type,
	action, name string,
) *TableDetails

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