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Published: Jul 6, 2021 License: MIT



Go codebase that keeps going


Out of the box code utilites for importing and using.

  • http: A simple http requester.
  • log: A logrus initiator.
  • wecom: WeCom group robot message sender.
  • ssh: Simple ssh client.
  • kafka: A simple kafka producer and consumer.
  • elasticsearch: Elasticsearch client.
  • cryptox: Encryption related utilities.
  • encoding: Encoding related utilities.
  • network: Networking related utilities.
  • limiter: Rate limiter.
  • re: Pre coded regular expressions.
  • mail: Mail client.
  • algorithms: Algorithm implementations.
  • pinger: Ping utility.
  • pointer: Pointer utilities.
  • mysql: MySQL related code references using gorm and xorm.
  • uuid: UUID generator based on Sonyflake.
  • mongodb: MongoDB related code references.
  • redis: Redis related code references.
  • k8s: Kubernetes related code references.
  • cert: x509 Certificates.


Code snippets for references

  • enum: Idiomatic reference to implement an enumerated type.
  • flagx: Native flag reference.
  • grpc: A simple example of gRPC in Go.
  • config: Configuration snippet.
  • debug: Debug server.

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