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type AppListOptions

type AppListOptions struct {
	AppOptions *AppOptions
	Validate   bool

type AppOptions

type AppOptions struct{}

type Client

type Client interface {
	ListApplications(*AppListOptions) ([]types.Application, error)
	GetPipeline(string, *PipelineGetOptions) (*types.Pipeline, error)
	ListPipelines(*PipelineListOptions) ([]types.Pipeline, error)
	GetPipelineTemplate(string, *PipelineTemplateGetOptions) (*types.PipelineTemplate, error)
	ListPipelineTemplates(*PipelineTemplateListOptions) ([]types.PipelineTemplate, error)

Client is an interface for REST PRC for Spinnaker Gateway.

func New

func New(flags *pflag.FlagSet, opts ...ClientOption) (Client, error)

New creates a Client that implementates GateClient

type ClientImpl

type ClientImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ClientImpl is the implement of the GateClient ...

func (*ClientImpl) GetPipeline

func (c *ClientImpl) GetPipeline(name string, options *PipelineGetOptions) (*types.Pipeline, error)

GetPipeline gets a pipeline by ID

func (*ClientImpl) GetPipelineTemplate

func (c *ClientImpl) GetPipelineTemplate(id string, options *PipelineTemplateGetOptions) (*types.PipelineTemplate, error)

GetPipelineTemplate gets a pipeline by ID

func (*ClientImpl) ListApplications

func (c *ClientImpl) ListApplications(options *AppListOptions) ([]types.Application, error)

ListApplications list all applications

func (*ClientImpl) ListPipelineTemplates

func (c *ClientImpl) ListPipelineTemplates(options *PipelineTemplateListOptions) ([]types.PipelineTemplate, error)

ListPipelineTemplates gets all pipeline of the application

func (*ClientImpl) ListPipelines

func (c *ClientImpl) ListPipelines(options *PipelineListOptions) ([]types.Pipeline, error)

ListPipelines gets all pipeline of the application

type ClientOption

type ClientOption func(*options)

ClientOption is what you can configure for the your client

type PipelineGetOptions

type PipelineGetOptions struct {
	PipelineOptions *PipelineOptions
	App             string
	Expand          bool

type PipelineListOptions

type PipelineListOptions struct {
	PipelineOptions *PipelineOptions
	App             string
	All             bool
	Expand          bool

type PipelineOptions

type PipelineOptions struct{}

type PipelineTemplateGetOptions

type PipelineTemplateGetOptions struct {
	PipelineTemplateOptions *PipelineTemplateOptions

type PipelineTemplateListOptions

type PipelineTemplateListOptions struct {
	PipelineTemplateOptions *PipelineTemplateOptions

type PipelineTemplateOptions

type PipelineTemplateOptions struct{}

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