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func AddFlags

func AddFlags(flags *flag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for Options.

type ConnBuilder

type ConnBuilder struct {
	// CollectorHostPorts is list of host:port Jaeger Collectors.
	CollectorHostPorts []string `yaml:"collectorHostPorts"`

	MaxRetry uint
	TLS      tlscfg.Options

	DiscoveryMinPeers int
	Notifier          discovery.Notifier
	Discoverer        discovery.Discoverer

ConnBuilder Struct to hold configurations

func NewConnBuilder

func NewConnBuilder() *ConnBuilder

NewConnBuilder creates a new grpc connection builder.

func (*ConnBuilder) CreateConnection

func (b *ConnBuilder) CreateConnection(logger *zap.Logger) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

CreateConnection creates the gRPC connection

func (*ConnBuilder) InitFromViper

func (b *ConnBuilder) InitFromViper(v *viper.Viper) *ConnBuilder

InitFromViper initializes Options with properties retrieved from Viper.

type ProxyBuilder

type ProxyBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProxyBuilder holds objects communicating with collector

func NewCollectorProxy

func NewCollectorProxy(builder *ConnBuilder, agentTags map[string]string, mFactory metrics.Factory, logger *zap.Logger) (*ProxyBuilder, error)

NewCollectorProxy creates ProxyBuilder

func (ProxyBuilder) Close

func (b ProxyBuilder) Close() error

Close closes connections used by proxy.

func (ProxyBuilder) GetConn

func (b ProxyBuilder) GetConn() *grpc.ClientConn

GetConn returns grpc conn

func (ProxyBuilder) GetManager

func (b ProxyBuilder) GetManager() configmanager.ClientConfigManager

GetManager returns manager

func (ProxyBuilder) GetReporter

func (b ProxyBuilder) GetReporter() aReporter.Reporter

GetReporter returns Reporter

type Reporter

type Reporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Reporter reports data to collector over gRPC.

func NewReporter

func NewReporter(conn *grpc.ClientConn, agentTags map[string]string, logger *zap.Logger) *Reporter

NewReporter creates gRPC reporter.

func (*Reporter) EmitBatch

func (r *Reporter) EmitBatch(b *thrift.Batch) error

EmitBatch implements EmitBatch() of Reporter

func (*Reporter) EmitZipkinBatch

func (r *Reporter) EmitZipkinBatch(zSpans []*zipkincore.Span) error

EmitZipkinBatch implements EmitZipkinBatch() of Reporter

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