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Published: Nov 7, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type SamplingStore

type SamplingStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SamplingStore handles all insertions and queries for sampling data to and from Cassandra

func New

func New(session cassandra.Session, factory metrics.Factory, logger *zap.Logger) *SamplingStore

New creates a new cassandra sampling store.

func (*SamplingStore) GetLatestProbabilities

func (s *SamplingStore) GetLatestProbabilities() (model.ServiceOperationProbabilities, error)

GetLatestProbabilities implements samplingstore.Reader#GetLatestProbabilities.

func (*SamplingStore) GetProbabilitiesAndQPS

func (s *SamplingStore) GetProbabilitiesAndQPS(start, end time.Time) (map[string][]model.ServiceOperationData, error)

GetProbabilitiesAndQPS implements samplingstore.Reader#GetProbabilitiesAndQPS.

func (*SamplingStore) GetThroughput

func (s *SamplingStore) GetThroughput(start, end time.Time) ([]*model.Throughput, error)

GetThroughput implements samplingstore.Reader#GetThroughput.

func (*SamplingStore) InsertProbabilitiesAndQPS

func (s *SamplingStore) InsertProbabilitiesAndQPS(
	hostname string,
	probabilities model.ServiceOperationProbabilities,
	qps model.ServiceOperationQPS,
) error

InsertProbabilitiesAndQPS implements samplingstore.Writer#InsertProbabilitiesAndQPS.

func (*SamplingStore) InsertThroughput

func (s *SamplingStore) InsertThroughput(throughput []*model.Throughput) error

InsertThroughput implements samplingstore.Writer#InsertThroughput.

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