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const (
	PROV_RSA_FULL      CryptographicServiceProviderType = 1
	PROV_RSA_SIG       CryptographicServiceProviderType = 2
	PROV_DSS           CryptographicServiceProviderType = 3
	PROV_FORTEZZA      CryptographicServiceProviderType = 4
	PROV_MS_EXCHANGE   CryptographicServiceProviderType = 5
	PROV_SSL           CryptographicServiceProviderType = 6
	PROV_RSA_SCHANNEL  CryptographicServiceProviderType = 12
	PROV_DSS_DH        CryptographicServiceProviderType = 13
	PROV_EC_ECDSA_SIG  CryptographicServiceProviderType = 14
	PROV_EC_ECNRA_SIG  CryptographicServiceProviderType = 15
	PROV_EC_ECDSA_FULL CryptographicServiceProviderType = 16
	PROV_EC_ECNRA_FULL CryptographicServiceProviderType = 17
	PROV_DH_SCHANNEL   CryptographicServiceProviderType = 18
	PROV_SPYRUS_LYNKS  CryptographicServiceProviderType = 20
	PROV_RNG           CryptographicServiceProviderType = 21
	PROV_INTEL_SEC     CryptographicServiceProviderType = 22
	PROV_REPLACE_OWF   CryptographicServiceProviderType = 23
	PROV_RSA_AES       CryptographicServiceProviderType = 24

	MS_ENH_RSA_AES_PROV string = "Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider"

	CLUS_CREATE_CRYPT_NONE                OpenClusterCryptProviderFlags = 0
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const (


This section is empty.


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type ClusterHandle

type ClusterHandle uintptr

func OpenCluster

func OpenCluster() (handle ClusterHandle, err error)

func OpenRemoteCluster

func OpenRemoteCluster(clusterName string) (handle ClusterHandle, err error)

func (ClusterHandle) Close

func (handle ClusterHandle) Close()

func (ClusterHandle) OpenResource

func (cluster ClusterHandle) OpenResource(resourceName string) (handle ResourceHandle, err error)

type CryptographicServiceProviderType

type CryptographicServiceProviderType uint32



func OpenClusterCryptProvider

func OpenClusterCryptProvider(Resource string, Provider string, dwType CryptographicServiceProviderType, dwFlags OpenClusterCryptProviderFlags) (handle HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER, err error)

func (HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) CloseClusterCryptProvider

func (handle HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) CloseClusterCryptProvider()

func (HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) ClusterDecrypt

func (handle HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) ClusterDecrypt(data []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) ClusterEncrypt

func (handle HCLUSCRYPTPROVIDER) ClusterEncrypt(data []byte) ([]byte, error)

type KeyHandle

type KeyHandle uintptr

func (KeyHandle) Close

func (handle KeyHandle) Close()

func (KeyHandle) CreateKey

func (handle KeyHandle) CreateKey(keyName string, samDesired int) (key KeyHandle, created bool, err error)

CreateKey creates a subkey for samDesired use syscall.KEY_ALL_ACCESS KEY_READ KEY_WRITE KEY_SET_VALUE

func (KeyHandle) QueryByteValue

func (handle KeyHandle) QueryByteValue(valueName string) (data []byte, err error)

QueryByteValue returns syscall.ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND if value does not exist

func (KeyHandle) QueryGuidValue

func (handle KeyHandle) QueryGuidValue(valueName string) (data memory.GUID, err error)

QueryGuidValue returns syscall.ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND if value does not exist

func (KeyHandle) QueryValue

func (handle KeyHandle) QueryValue(valueName string) (dwType uint32, data []byte, err error)

QueryValue returns syscall.ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND if value does not exist for dwType either see "".BINARY (and other values) or use syscall.REG_BINARY & other values

func (KeyHandle) SetByteValue

func (handle KeyHandle) SetByteValue(value string, data []byte) error

SetByteValue sets a value on a key

func (KeyHandle) SetGuidValue

func (handle KeyHandle) SetGuidValue(value string, guid memory.GUID) error

SetGuidValue sets a value on a key

func (KeyHandle) SetValue

func (handle KeyHandle) SetValue(value string, dwType uint32, data []byte) error

SetValue sets a value on a key for dwType either see "".BINARY (and other values) or use syscall.REG_BINARY & other values

type OpenClusterCryptProviderFlags

type OpenClusterCryptProviderFlags uint32

type ResourceHandle

type ResourceHandle uintptr

func (ResourceHandle) Close

func (handle ResourceHandle) Close()

func (ResourceHandle) GetKey

func (handle ResourceHandle) GetKey(samDesired int) (KeyHandle, error)

GetKey gets a cluster registry key for the resource for samDesired use syscall.KEY_ALL_ACCESS KEY_READ KEY_WRITE KEY_SET_VALUE

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