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Access Nginx APIs.



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type Nginx

type Nginx struct {

Holds this module's functions. Accessible as `kong.Nginx`

func (Nginx) GetCtxAny

func (n Nginx) GetCtxAny(k string) (interface{}, error)

kong.Nginx.GetCtxAny() returns a value from the `ngx.ctx` request context table.

func (Nginx) GetCtxFloat

func (n Nginx) GetCtxFloat(k string) (float64, error)

kong.Nginx.GetCtxFloat() returns a float value from the `ngx.ctx` request context table.

func (Nginx) GetCtxInt added in v0.5.0

func (n Nginx) GetCtxInt(k string) (int, error)

kong.Nginx.GetCtxInt() returns an integer value from the `ngx.ctx` request context table.

func (Nginx) GetCtxString

func (n Nginx) GetCtxString(k string) (string, error)

kong.Nginx.GetCtxString() returns a string value from the `ngx.ctx` request context table.

func (Nginx) GetSubsystem added in v0.3.1

func (n Nginx) GetSubsystem() (string, error)

kong.Nginx.GetSubsystem() returns the current Nginx subsystem this function is called from: “http” or “stream”.

func (Nginx) GetTLS1VersionStr

func (n Nginx) GetTLS1VersionStr() (string, error)

func (Nginx) GetVar

func (n Nginx) GetVar(k string) (string, error)

kong.Nginx.GetVar() returns an Nginx variable. Equivalent to `ngx.var[k]`

func (Nginx) ReqStartTime

func (n Nginx) ReqStartTime() (float64, error)

kong.Nginx.ReqStartTime() returns the curent request's start time as a floating-point number of seconds. Equivalent to `ngx.req.start_time()`

func (Nginx) SetCtx added in v0.5.0

func (n Nginx) SetCtx(k string, v interface{}) error

kong.Nginx.SetCtx() sets a value in the `ngx.ctx` request context table.

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