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func Init

func Init(configPath string)

func Start

func Start()

Watches for file changes in the root directory. After each file system event it builds and (re)starts the application.


type LogColors

type LogColors map[logColorsKey]string

func (LogColors) Black

func (l LogColors) Black() string

func (LogColors) Blue

func (l LogColors) Blue() string

func (LogColors) BoldBlack

func (l LogColors) BoldBlack() string

func (LogColors) BoldBlue

func (l LogColors) BoldBlue() string

func (LogColors) BoldCyan

func (l LogColors) BoldCyan() string

func (LogColors) BoldGreen

func (l LogColors) BoldGreen() string

func (LogColors) BoldMagenta

func (l LogColors) BoldMagenta() string

func (LogColors) BoldRed

func (l LogColors) BoldRed() string

func (LogColors) BoldWhite

func (l LogColors) BoldWhite() string

func (LogColors) BoldYellow

func (l LogColors) BoldYellow() string

func (LogColors) BrightBlack

func (l LogColors) BrightBlack() string

func (LogColors) BrightBlue

func (l LogColors) BrightBlue() string

func (LogColors) BrightCyan

func (l LogColors) BrightCyan() string

func (LogColors) BrightGreen

func (l LogColors) BrightGreen() string

func (LogColors) BrightMagenta

func (l LogColors) BrightMagenta() string

func (LogColors) BrightRed

func (l LogColors) BrightRed() string

func (LogColors) BrightWhite

func (l LogColors) BrightWhite() string

func (LogColors) BrightYellow

func (l LogColors) BrightYellow() string

func (LogColors) Cyan

func (l LogColors) Cyan() string

func (LogColors) Green

func (l LogColors) Green() string

func (LogColors) Magenta

func (l LogColors) Magenta() string

func (LogColors) Red

func (l LogColors) Red() string

func (LogColors) Reset

func (l LogColors) Reset() string

func (LogColors) Select

func (l LogColors) Select(key string) string

func (LogColors) White

func (l LogColors) White() string

func (LogColors) Yellow

func (l LogColors) Yellow() string

type Setting

type Setting map[settingKey]string

func (Setting) BuildDelay

func (s Setting) BuildDelay() time.Duration

func (Setting) BuildErrorsFilePath

func (s Setting) BuildErrorsFilePath() string

func (Setting) BuildLogName

func (s Setting) BuildLogName() string

func (Setting) BuildPath

func (s Setting) BuildPath() string

func (Setting) Colors

func (s Setting) Colors() string

func (Setting) Ignored

func (s Setting) Ignored() string

func (Setting) LogColor

func (s Setting) LogColor(role string) string

func (Setting) LogColorApp

func (s Setting) LogColorApp() string

func (Setting) LogColorBuild

func (s Setting) LogColorBuild() string

func (Setting) LogColorMain

func (s Setting) LogColorMain() string

func (Setting) LogColorRunner

func (s Setting) LogColorRunner() string

func (Setting) LogColorWatcher

func (s Setting) LogColorWatcher() string

func (Setting) NoRebuildExt

func (s Setting) NoRebuildExt() string

func (Setting) RootPath

func (s Setting) RootPath() string

func (Setting) Set

func (s Setting) Set(key settingKey, value string)

func (Setting) TmpPath

func (s Setting) TmpPath() string

func (Setting) ValidExt

func (s Setting) ValidExt() string


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