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type Counters

type Counters struct {
	CreateUserRequest           metrics.Counter
	SuccessfulCreateUserRequest metrics.Counter
	FailedCreateUserRequest     metrics.Counter
	GetUserRequest              metrics.Counter
	SuccessfulGetUserRequest    metrics.Counter
	FailedGetUserRequest        metrics.Counter
	SuccessfulLogInRequest      metrics.Counter
	FailedLogInRequest          metrics.Counter
	Duration                    metrics.Histogram

    Counters is a type encompassing metrics for API definitions associated with the user microservice

    type Middleware

    type Middleware func(Service) Service

      Middleware describes a service specific middleware

      func InstrumentingMiddleware

      func InstrumentingMiddleware(counters Counters) Middleware

        InstrumentingMiddleware returns a service middleware that instruments the number of users created over the lifetime of the service.

        func LoggingMiddleware

        func LoggingMiddleware(logger *zap.Logger) Middleware

          LoggingMiddleware returns a logging middleware that logs request specific information. From input arguments, to errors

          type Service

          type Service interface {
          	// CreateUser effectively creates/adds a user object to the backend data store
          	// if it doesm't already exist.
          	CreateUser(ctx context.Context, user user_service.UserORM) (err error)
          	// GetUserById queries the backend datastore for user objects based on a
          	// passed in user id parameter.
          	GetUserById(ctx context.Context, id string) (user user_service.UserORM, err error)
          	// GetUserByEmail queries the backend datastore for user objects based on a
          	// passed in user email parameter.
          	GetUserByEmail(ctx context.Context, email string) (user user_service.UserORM, err error)
          	// GetUserByUsername queries the backend datastore for user objects based on a
          	// passed in user username parameter.
          	GetUserByUsername(ctx context.Context, username string) (user user_service.UserORM, err error)
          	// LogIn Checks if a user object exists in the backend datastore, performs some password checks,
          	// and attempts to log a given user into the system
          	LogIn(ctx context.Context, username, password string) (user user_service.UserORM, err error)

            Service is a CRUD interface definition for the user microservice

            func New

            func New(logger *zap.Logger, db *gorm.DB, amqpProducer queues.Queue, amqpConsumer queues.Queue, counters Counters) Service

              New returns a basic Service with all of the expected middlewares wired in.

              func NewBasicService

              func NewBasicService(db *gorm.DB, logger *zap.Logger, amqpProducer queues.Queue, amqpConsumer queues.Queue) Service

                NewBasicService returns a naïve, stateless implementation of Service.