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Package broker implements the broker runtime and protocol.JournalServer APIs (Read, Append, Replicate, List, Apply). Its `pipeline` type manages the coordination of write transactions, and `resolver` the mapping of journal names to Routes of responsible brokers. `replica` is a top-level collection of runtime state and maintenance tasks associated with the processing of a journal. gRPC proxy support is also implemented by this package.



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func NewKeySpace

func NewKeySpace(prefix string) *keyspace.KeySpace

NewKeySpace returns a KeySpace suitable for use with an Allocator. It decodes allocator Items as JournalSpec messages, Members as BrokerSpecs, and Assignments as Routes.

func SetSharedPersister

func SetSharedPersister(p *fragment.Persister)

SetSharedPersister sets the Persister instance used by the `broker` package.


type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service is the top-level runtime concern of a Gazette Broker process. It drives local journal handling in response to allocator.State, powers journal resolution, and is also an implementation of protocol.JournalServer.

func NewService

func NewService(state *allocator.State, jc pb.JournalClient, etcd *clientv3.Client) *Service

NewService constructs a new broker Service, driven by allocator.State.

func (*Service) Append

func (srv *Service) Append(stream pb.Journal_AppendServer) error

Append dispatches the JournalServer.Append API.

func (*Service) Apply

func (srv *Service) Apply(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ApplyRequest) (*pb.ApplyResponse, error)

Apply dispatches the JournalServer.Apply API.

func (*Service) IsNoopRouter

func (svc *Service) IsNoopRouter() bool

IsNoopRouter returns false.

func (*Service) List

func (srv *Service) List(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListRequest) (*pb.ListResponse, error)

List dispatches the JournalServer.List API.

func (*Service) ListFragments

func (svc *Service) ListFragments(ctx context.Context, req *pb.FragmentsRequest) (*pb.FragmentsResponse, error)

ListFragments dispatches the JournalServer.ListFragments API.

func (*Service) Read

func (svc *Service) Read(req *pb.ReadRequest, stream pb.Journal_ReadServer) (err error)

Read dispatches the JournalServer.Read API.

func (*Service) Replicate

func (srv *Service) Replicate(stream pb.Journal_ReplicateServer) error

Replicate dispatches the JournalServer.Replicate API.

func (*Service) Route

func (svc *Service) Route(ctx context.Context, item string) pb.Route

Route an item using the Service resolver. Route implements the protocol.DispatchRouter interface, and enables usages of protocol.WithDispatchItemRoute (eg, `client` & `http_gateway` packages) to resolve items via the Service resolver.

func (*Service) UpdateRoute

func (svc *Service) UpdateRoute(string, *pb.Route)

UpdateRoute is a no-op implementation of protocol.DispatchRouter.

func (*Service) Watch

func (svc *Service) Watch(ctx context.Context) error

Watch the Service KeySpace and serve any local assignments reflected therein, until the Context is cancelled or an error occurs. Watch shuts down all local replicas prior to return regardless of error status.


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