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const (
	EventReceiveFriendMessage            = "FriendMessage"
	EventReceiveGroupMessage             = "GroupMessage"
	EventReceiveTempMessage              = "TempMessage"
	EventBotOnline                       = "BotOnlineEvent"
	EventBotOfflineActive                = "BotOfflineEventActive"
	EventBotOfflineForce                 = "BotOfflineEventForce"
	EventBotOfflineDropped               = "BotOfflineEventDropped"
	EventBotRelogin                      = "BotReloginEvent"
	EventGroupRecall                     = "GroupRecallEvent"
	EventFriendRecall                    = "FriendRecallEvent"
	EventBotGroupPermissionChange        = "BotGroupPermissionChangeEvent"
	EventBotMute                         = "BotMuteEvent"
	EventBotUnmute                       = "BotUnmuteEvent"
	EventBotJoinGroup                    = "BotJoinGroupEvent"
	EventBotLeaveActive                  = "BotLeaveEventActive"
	EventBotLeaveKick                    = "BotLeaveEventKick"
	EventGroupNameChange                 = "GroupNameChangeEvent"
	EventGroupEntranceAnnouncementChange = "GroupEntranceAnnouncementChangeEvent"
	EventGroupMuteAll                    = "GroupMuteAllEvent"
	EventGroupAllowAnonymousChat         = "GroupAllowAnonymousChatEvent"
	EventGroupAllowConfessTalk           = "GroupAllowConfessTalkEvent"
	EventGroupAllowMemberInvite          = "GroupAllowMemberInviteEvent"
	EventMemberJoin                      = "MemberJoinEvent"
	EventMemberLeaveKick                 = "MemberLeaveEventKick"
	EventMemberLeaveQuit                 = "MemberLeaveEventQuit"
	EventMemberCardChange                = "MemberCardChangeEvent"
	EventMemberSpecialTitleChange        = "MemberSpecialTitleChangeEvent"
	EventMemberPermissionChange          = "MemberPermissionChangeEvent"
	EventMemberMute                      = "MemberMuteEvent"
	EventMemberUnmute                    = "MemberUnmuteEvent"
	EventNewFriendRequest                = "NewFriendRequestEvent"
	EventMemberJoinRequest               = "MemberJoinRequestEvent"
	EventBotInvitedJoinGroupRequest      = "BotInvitedJoinGroupRequestEvent"
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const (
	MsgType_Source     = "Source"
	MsgType_Quote      = "Quote"
	MsgType_At         = "At"
	MsgType_AtAll      = "AtAll"
	MsgType_Face       = "Face"
	MsgType_Plain      = "Plain"
	MsgType_Image      = "Image"
	MsgType_FlashImage = "FlashImage"
	MsgType_Xml        = "Xml"
	MsgType_Json       = "Json"
	MsgType_App        = "App"
	MsgType_Poke       = "Poke"


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type Chain

type Chain struct {
	Msg []Message

func GenChain

func GenChain(args ...Message) Chain

type Event

type Event struct {
	Type         string    `json:"type"`         //事件类型
	MessageChain []Message `json:"messageChain"` //(ReceiveMessage)消息链
	Sender       Sender    `json:"sender"`       //(ReceiveMessage)发送者信息
	EventId      uint      `json:"eventId"`      //事件ID
	FromId       uint      `json:"fromId"`       //操作人
	GroupId      uint      `json:"groupId"`      //群号

type Friend

type Friend struct {
	Id       uint   `json:"id,omitempty"`         //QQ
	NickName string `json:"memberName,omitempty"` //昵称
	Remark   string `json:"remark,omitempty"`     //备注

type Group

type Group struct {
	Id        uint   `json:"id,omitempty"`        //消息来源群号
	Name      string `json:"name,omitempty"`      //消息来源群名
	Permisson string `json:"permisson,omitempty"` //bot在群中的角色

type GroupConfig

type GroupConfig struct {
	Name              string
	Announcement      string
	ConfessTalk       bool
	AllowMemberInvite bool
	AutoApprove       bool
	AnonymousChat     bool

type MemberInfo

type MemberInfo struct {
	Name         string
	SpecialTitle string

type Message

type Message struct {
	Type      string    `json:"type,omitempty"`
	Id        uint      `json:"id,omitempty"`       //(Source,Quote)Source中表示消息id,Quote中表示被引用回复的原消息的id
	Time      int64     `json:"time,omitempty"`     //(Source) 发送时间
	GroupId   uint      `json:"groupId,omitempty"`  //(Quote)Quote中表示被引用回复的原消息的群号
	SenderId  uint      `json:"senderId,omitempty"` //(Quote)Quote中表示被引用回复的原消息的发送者QQ号
	TargetId  uint      `json:"targetId,omitempty"` //(Quote)Quote中表示被引用回复的原消息的接收者群号或QQ号
	Origin    []Message `json:"origin,omitempty"`   //(Quote)Quote中表示被引用回复的原消息的消息链对象
	Target    uint      `json:"target,omitempty"`   //(At)@的群员QQ号
	Display   string    `json:"display,omitempty"`  //(At)@的显示文本
	FaceId    int       `json:"faceId,omitempty"`   //(Face)QQ表情的ID,发送时优先级比Name高
	Name      string    `json:"name,omitempty"`     //(Face,Poke)Face中为QQ表情的拼音,Poke中为戳一戳的类型
	Text      string    `json:"text,omitempty"`     //(Plain)纯文本
	ImageId   string    `json:"imageId,omitempty"`  //(Image,FlashImage)图片ID,注意消息类型,群图片和好友图片格式不一样,发送时优先级比ImageUrl高
	ImageUrl  string    `json:"url,omitempty"`      //(Image,FlashImage)图片url,发送时可使用网络图片的链接,优先级比ImagePath高;接收时为腾讯图片服务器的链接
	ImagePath string    `json:"path,omitempty"`     //(Image,FlashImage)图片的路径,发送本地图片,相对路径于plugins/MiraiAPIHTTP/images
	Xml       string    `json:"xml,omitempty"`      //(Xml) xml消息本体
	Json      string    `json:"json,omitempty"`     //(Json) json消息本体
	Content   string    `json:"content,omitempty"`  //(App) 不知道干嘛的,mirai也没有说明,估计是小程序连接?

func AtMessage

func AtMessage(target uint) Message

func FaceMessage

func FaceMessage(faceID int) Message

func FlashImageMessage

func FlashImageMessage(t, v string) Message

func ImageMessage

func ImageMessage(t, v string) Message

func PlainMessage

func PlainMessage(text string) Message

func PokeMessage

func PokeMessage(name string) Message

func RichMessage

func RichMessage(t, content string) Message

type Sender

type Sender struct {
	MemberName string `json:"memberName,omitempty"` //(GroupMessage)发送者群昵称
	Permission string `json:"permission,omitempty"` //(GroupMessage)发送者在群中的角色
	Group      Group  `json:"group,omitempty"`      //(GroupMessage)消息来源群信息

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