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Luzifer / streamdeck

streamdeck is a library and management tool to use an Elgato StreamDeck on a Linux system written in Go.

Supported devices:

  • Elgato StreamDeck Original V2 (15 keys, ID 0fd9:006d)
  • Elgato StreamDeck XL (32 keys, ID 0fd9:006c)


  • For library usage see godoc
  • For usage of the tool see the Wiki




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const (
	// Streamdeck Original V2 (0fd9:006d) 15 keys
	StreamDeckOriginalV2 uint16 = 0x006d
	// Stremdeck XL (0fd9:006c) 32 keys
	StreamDeckXL uint16 = 0x006c
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const VendorElgato = 0x0fd9


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var DeckToName = map[uint16]string{
	StreamDeckOriginalV2: "StreamDeck Original V2",
	StreamDeckXL:         "StreamDeck XL",


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client manages the connection to the StreamDeck

func New

func New(devicePID uint16) (*Client, error)

New creates a new Client for the given device (see constants for supported types)

func (Client) ClearAllKeys

func (c Client) ClearAllKeys() error

ClearAllKeys fills all keys with solid black

func (Client) ClearKey

func (c Client) ClearKey(keyIdx int) error

ClearKey fills a key with solid black

func (Client) Close

func (c Client) Close() error

Close closes the underlying HID connection

func (Client) FillColor

func (c Client) FillColor(keyIdx int, col color.RGBA) error

FillColor fills a key with a solid color

func (Client) FillImage

func (c Client) FillImage(keyIdx int, img image.Image) error

FillImage fills a key with an image

func (Client) FillPanel

func (c Client) FillPanel(img image.RGBA) error

FillPanel slices a big image and fills the keys with the parts

func (Client) GetFimwareVersion

func (c Client) GetFimwareVersion() (string, error)

GetFimwareVersion retrieves the firmware version

func (Client) IconSize

func (c Client) IconSize() int

IconSize returns the required icon size for the StreamDeck

func (Client) NumKeys

func (c Client) NumKeys() int

NumKeys returns the number of keys available on the StreamDeck

func (c Client) ResetToLogo() error

ResetToLogo restores the original Elgato StreamDeck logo

func (Client) Serial

func (c Client) Serial() (string, error)

Serial returns the device serial

func (Client) SetBrightness

func (c Client) SetBrightness(pct int) error

SetBrightness sets the brightness of the keys (0-100)

func (Client) Subscribe

func (c Client) Subscribe() <-chan Event

Subscribe returns a channel to listen for incoming events

type Event

type Event struct {
	Key  int
	Type EventType

Event represents a state change on a button

type EventType

type EventType uint8

EventType represents the state of a button (Up / Down)

const (
	EventTypeUp EventType = iota


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