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The latest major version is v7.

Published: Aug 30, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const (
	UserIDKey        = prefix + "/user-id"
	ReqBodyKey       = prefix + "/req-body"
	ResBodyKey       = prefix + "/res-body"
	LoggerReqBodyKey = prefix + "/logger-req-body"


func GetBody

func GetBody(c *gin.Context) []byte

GetBody Get request body

func GetToken

func GetToken(c *gin.Context) string

GetToken 获取用户令牌

func GetUserID

func GetUserID(c *gin.Context) string

GetUserID 获取用户ID

func ParseForm

func ParseForm(c *gin.Context, obj interface{}) error

ParseForm 解析Form请求

func ParseJSON

func ParseJSON(c *gin.Context, obj interface{}) error

ParseJSON 解析请求JSON

func ParseQuery

func ParseQuery(c *gin.Context, obj interface{}) error

ParseQuery 解析Query参数

func ResError

func ResError(c *gin.Context, err error, status

ResError 响应错误

func ResJSON

func ResJSON(c *gin.Context, status int, v interface{})


func ResList

func ResList(c *gin.Context, v interface{})

ResList 响应列表数据

func ResOK

func ResOK(c *gin.Context)

ResOK 响应OK

func ResPage

func ResPage(c *gin.Context, v interface{}, pr *schema.PaginationResult)

ResPage 响应分页数据

func ResSuccess

func ResSuccess(c *gin.Context, v interface{})

ResSuccess 响应成功

func SetUserID

func SetUserID(c *gin.Context, userID string)

SetUserID 设定用户ID

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