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func APIDemoRouter

func APIDemoRouter(g *gin.RouterGroup, demo *ctl.Demo)

APIDemoRouter 注册/demos路由

func APILoginRouter

func APILoginRouter(g *gin.RouterGroup, login *ctl.Login)

APILoginRouter 注册登录相关路由

func APIMenuRouter

func APIMenuRouter(g *gin.RouterGroup, menu *ctl.Menu)

APIMenuRouter 注册/menus路由

func APIRoleRouter

func APIRoleRouter(g *gin.RouterGroup, role *ctl.Role)

APIRoleRouter 注册/roles路由

func APIUserRouter

func APIUserRouter(g *gin.RouterGroup, user *ctl.User)

APIUserRouter 注册/users路由

func APIV1Handler

func APIV1Handler(r *gin.Engine, enforcer *casbin.Enforcer, c *ctl.Common)

APIV1Handler /api/v1路由

func CasbinMiddleware

func CasbinMiddleware(enforcer *casbin.Enforcer) gin.HandlerFunc

CasbinMiddleware casbin中间件

func RecoveryMiddleware

func RecoveryMiddleware(c *gin.Context)

RecoveryMiddleware 崩溃恢复

func SessionMiddleware

func SessionMiddleware(db *mysql.DB, allowPrefixes ...string) gin.HandlerFunc

SessionMiddleware session中间件

func TraceMiddleware

func TraceMiddleware(allowPrefixes ...string) gin.HandlerFunc

TraceMiddleware 跟踪ID中间件

func VerifySessionMiddleware

func VerifySessionMiddleware(skipPrefixes ...string) gin.HandlerFunc

VerifySessionMiddleware 验证session中间件

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