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type LocalCompConfig

type LocalCompConfig struct {
	LogFile string

LocalCompConfig contains configs for LocalComponent

type LocalCompStatus

type LocalCompStatus struct {
	EchoEndpoint string

LocalCompStatus contains status for LocalComponent

type LocalComponent

type LocalComponent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LocalComponent is a local fortio server componment

func NewLocalComponent

func NewLocalComponent(n string, config LocalCompConfig) *LocalComponent

NewLocalComponent create a LocalComponent with name and log dir

func (*LocalComponent) GetConfig

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) GetConfig() framework.Config

GetConfig return the config for outside use

func (*LocalComponent) GetName

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) GetName() string

GetName implement the function in component interface

func (*LocalComponent) GetStatus

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) GetStatus() framework.Status

GetStatus return the status for outside use

func (*LocalComponent) IsAlive

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) IsAlive() (bool, error)

IsAlive check the process of local server is running TODO: Process running doesn't guarantee server is ready TODO: Need a better way to check if component is alive/running

func (*LocalComponent) SetConfig

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) SetConfig(config framework.Config) error

SetConfig set a config into this component

func (*LocalComponent) Start

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) Start() (err error)

Start brings up a local fortio echo server

func (*LocalComponent) Stop

func (fortioServerComp *LocalComponent) Stop() (err error)

Stop stop this local component by kill the process