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Published: Oct 4, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:


Package bridge contains the high-level public functions to use and manage bridges


func ConfiguredBridges

func ConfiguredBridges(repo repository.RepoConfig) ([]string, error)

ConfiguredBridges return the list of bridge that are configured for the given repo

func DefaultBridge

func DefaultBridge(repo *cache.RepoCache) (*core.Bridge, error)

Attempt to retrieve a default bridge for the given repo. If zero or multiple bridge exist, it fails.

func LoadBridge

func LoadBridge(repo *cache.RepoCache, name string) (*core.Bridge, error)

LoadBridge instantiate a new bridge from a repo configuration

func LoginMetaKey

func LoginMetaKey(target string) (string, error)

LoginMetaKey return the metadata key used to store the remote bug-tracker login on the user identity. The corresponding value is used to match identities and credentials.

func NewBridge

func NewBridge(repo *cache.RepoCache, target string, name string) (*core.Bridge, error)

Instantiate a new Bridge for a repo, from the given target and name

func RemoveBridge

func RemoveBridge(repo repository.RepoConfig, name string) error

Remove a configured bridge

func Targets

func Targets() []string

Targets return all known bridge implementation target

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