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    Package fastrand implements a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator. The generator is seeded using the system's default entropy source, and thereafter produces random values via repeated hashing. As a result, fastrand can generate randomness much faster than crypto/rand, and generation cannot fail beyond a potential panic at init.

    The method used in this package is similar to the Fortuna algorithm, which is used in used in FreeBSD for /dev/urandom. This package uses techniques that are known to be secure, however the exact implementation has not been heavily reviewed by cryptographers.



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    var Reader io.Reader

      Reader is a global, shared instance of a cryptographically strong pseudo- random generator. It uses blake2b as its hashing function. Reader is safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines.


      func BigIntn

      func BigIntn(n *big.Int) *big.Int

        BigIntn returns a uniform random *big.Int in [0,n). It panics if n <= 0.

        func Bytes

        func Bytes(n int) []byte

          Bytes is a helper function that returns n bytes of random data.

          func Intn

          func Intn(n int) int

            Intn returns a uniform random int in [0,n). It panics if n <= 0.

            func Perm

            func Perm(n int) []int

              Perm returns a random permutation of the integers [0,n).

              func Read

              func Read(b []byte)

                Read is a helper function that calls Reader.Read on b. It always fills b completely.

                func Uint64n

                func Uint64n(n uint64) uint64

                  Uint64n returns a uniform random uint64 in [0,n). It panics if n == 0.


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