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const (
	// Constants for integer storage category attributes

	// Constants for boolean storage category attributes
	Snapshots  = "snapshots"
	Clones     = "clones"
	Encryption = "encryption"

	// Constants for string list attributes
	ProvisioningType = "provisioningType"
	BackendType      = "backendType"
	Media            = "media"
	Region           = "region"
	Zone             = "zone"

	// Constants for label attributes
	Labels   = "labels"
	Selector = "selector"

	// Testing constants
	RecoveryTest     = "recoveryTest"
	UniqueOptions    = "uniqueOptions"
	TestingAttribute = "testingAttribute"
	NonexistentBool  = "nonexistentBool"

	// Values for media
	HDD    = "hdd"
	SSD    = "ssd"
	Hybrid = "hybrid"

	// Values for provisioning type
	Thick = "thick"
	Thin  = "thin"

	RequiredStorage        = "requiredStorage" // deprecated, use additionalStoragePools
	StoragePools           = "storagePools"
	AdditionalStoragePools = "additionalStoragePools"
	ExcludeStoragePools    = "excludeStoragePools"


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func CreateBackendStoragePoolsMapFromEncodedString

func CreateBackendStoragePoolsMapFromEncodedString(
	arg string,
) (map[string][]string, error)

func MarshalRequestMap

func MarshalRequestMap(requestMap map[string]Request) ([]byte, error)

func UnmarshalOfferMap

func UnmarshalOfferMap(mapJSON json.RawMessage) (map[string]Offer, error)

func UnmarshalRequestMap

func UnmarshalRequestMap(mapJSON json.RawMessage) (
	map[string]Request, error,


type Offer

type Offer interface {
	Matches(requested Request) bool
	ToString() string

func NewBoolOffer

func NewBoolOffer(offer bool) Offer

func NewBoolOfferFromOffers

func NewBoolOfferFromOffers(offers ...Offer) Offer

func NewIntOffer

func NewIntOffer(min, max int) Offer

func NewLabelOffer

func NewLabelOffer(labelMaps[string]string) Offer

func NewStringOffer

func NewStringOffer(offers ...string) Offer

func NewStringOfferFromOffers

func NewStringOfferFromOffers(offers ...Offer) Offer

type Request

type Request interface {
	GetType() Type
	Value() interface{}
	String() string

    At the moment, there aren't any terribly useful methods to put here, but there might be. This is more here for symmetry at the moment.

    func CreateAttributeRequestFromAttributeValue

    func CreateAttributeRequestFromAttributeValue(name, val string) (Request, error)

    func NewBoolRequest

    func NewBoolRequest(request bool) Request

    func NewIntRequest

    func NewIntRequest(request int) Request

    func NewLabelRequest

    func NewLabelRequest(request string) (Request, error)

    func NewLabelRequestMustCompile

    func NewLabelRequestMustCompile(request string) Request

    func NewStringRequest

    func NewStringRequest(request string) Request

    type Type

    type Type string