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var ErrInvalidTorrentFile = errors.New("torrent_file_invalid")

ErrInvalidTorrentFile : error for indicating we have an invalid torrent file


func DecodeInfohash

func DecodeInfohash(r io.Reader) (hash string, err error)

DecodeInfohash : Decode and calculate the info hash


type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	// length of file
	Length uint64 `bencode:"length"`
	// relative path of file
	Path FilePath `bencode:"path"`
	// md5sum
	Sum []byte `bencode:"md5sum,omitempty"`

FileInfo struct

type FilePath

type FilePath []string

FilePath type

func (FilePath) FilePath

func (f FilePath) FilePath() string

FilePath : get filepath

func (FilePath) Open

func (f FilePath) Open(base string) (*os.File, error)

Open : open file using base path

type Info

type Info struct {
	// length of pices in bytes
	PieceLength uint32 `bencode:"piece length"`
	// piece data
	Pieces []byte `bencode:"pieces"`
	// name of root file
	Path string `bencode:"name"`
	// file metadata
	Files []FileInfo `bencode:"files,omitempty"`
	// private torrent
	Private *int64 `bencode:"private,omitempty"`
	// length of file in signle file mode
	Length uint64 `bencode:"length,omitempty"`
	// md5sum
	Sum []byte `bencode:"md5sum,omitempty"`

Info : info section of torrent file

func (Info) GetFiles

func (i Info) GetFiles() (infos []FileInfo)

GetFiles : get fileinfos from this info section

func (Info) NumPieces

func (i Info) NumPieces() uint32

NumPieces : length of Info

type TorrentFile

type TorrentFile struct {
	Info         Info       `bencode:"info"`
	Announce     string     `bencode:"announce"`
	AnnounceList [][]string `bencode:"announce-list"`
	Created      uint64     `bencode:"created"`
	Comment      []byte     `bencode:"comment"`
	CreatedBy    []byte     `bencode:"created by"`
	Encoding     []byte     `bencode:"encoding"`

TorrentFile : a torrent file

func (*TorrentFile) Decode

func (tf *TorrentFile) Decode(r io.Reader) (err error)

Decode : load from an io.Reader

func (*TorrentFile) Encode

func (tf *TorrentFile) Encode(w io.Writer) (err error)

Encode : bencode this file via an io.Writer

func (*TorrentFile) GetAllAnnounceURLS

func (tf *TorrentFile) GetAllAnnounceURLS() (l []string)

GetAllAnnounceURLS : get all trackers url

func (*TorrentFile) IsPrivate

func (tf *TorrentFile) IsPrivate() bool

IsPrivate : return true if this torrent is private otherwise return false

func (*TorrentFile) IsSingleFile

func (tf *TorrentFile) IsSingleFile() bool

IsSingleFile : return true if this torrent is for a single file

func (*TorrentFile) TorrentName

func (tf *TorrentFile) TorrentName() string

TorrentName : return torrent name

func (*TorrentFile) TotalSize

func (tf *TorrentFile) TotalSize() uint64

TotalSize : get total size of files from torrent info section