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func GetDialAddressPrefix

func GetDialAddressPrefix(mode modes.DaprMode) string

GetDialAddressPrefix returns a dial prefix for a gRPC client connections For a given DaprMode.

func GetFreePort

func GetFreePort() (int, error)

GetFreePort returns a free port from the OS


type API

type API interface {
	// DaprInternal Service methods
	CallActor(ctx context.Context, in *internalv1pb.InternalInvokeRequest) (*internalv1pb.InternalInvokeResponse, error)
	CallLocal(ctx context.Context, in *internalv1pb.InternalInvokeRequest) (*internalv1pb.InternalInvokeResponse, error)

	// Dapr Service methods
	PublishEvent(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.PublishEventRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	InvokeService(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.InvokeServiceRequest) (*commonv1pb.InvokeResponse, error)
	InvokeBinding(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.InvokeBindingRequest) (*runtimev1pb.InvokeBindingResponse, error)
	GetState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.GetStateRequest) (*runtimev1pb.GetStateResponse, error)
	GetBulkState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.GetBulkStateRequest) (*runtimev1pb.GetBulkStateResponse, error)
	GetSecret(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.GetSecretRequest) (*runtimev1pb.GetSecretResponse, error)
	GetBulkSecret(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.GetBulkSecretRequest) (*runtimev1pb.GetBulkSecretResponse, error)
	SaveState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.SaveStateRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	DeleteState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.DeleteStateRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	DeleteBulkState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.DeleteBulkStateRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	ExecuteStateTransaction(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.ExecuteStateTransactionRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	SetAppChannel(appChannel channel.AppChannel)
	SetDirectMessaging(directMessaging messaging.DirectMessaging)
	SetActorRuntime(actor actors.Actors)
	RegisterActorTimer(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.RegisterActorTimerRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	UnregisterActorTimer(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.UnregisterActorTimerRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	RegisterActorReminder(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.RegisterActorReminderRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	UnregisterActorReminder(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.UnregisterActorReminderRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	GetActorState(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.GetActorStateRequest) (*runtimev1pb.GetActorStateResponse, error)
	ExecuteActorStateTransaction(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.ExecuteActorStateTransactionRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	InvokeActor(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.InvokeActorRequest) (*runtimev1pb.InvokeActorResponse, error)
	// Gets metadata of the sidecar
	GetMetadata(ctx context.Context, in *emptypb.Empty) (*runtimev1pb.GetMetadataResponse, error)
	// Sets value in extended metadata of the sidecar
	SetMetadata(ctx context.Context, in *runtimev1pb.SetMetadataRequest) (*emptypb.Empty, error)
	// Shutdown the sidecar
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context, in *emptypb.Empty) (*emptypb.Empty, error)

API is the gRPC interface for the Dapr gRPC API. It implements both the internal and external proto definitions.

func NewAPI

func NewAPI(
	appID string, appChannel channel.AppChannel,
	stateStores map[string]state.Store,
	secretStores map[string]secretstores.SecretStore,
	secretsConfiguration map[string]config.SecretsScope,
	pubsubAdapter runtime_pubsub.Adapter,
	directMessaging messaging.DirectMessaging,
	actor actors.Actors,
	sendToOutputBindingFn func(name string, req *bindings.InvokeRequest) (*bindings.InvokeResponse, error),
	tracingSpec config.TracingSpec,
	accessControlList *config.AccessControlList,
	appProtocol string,
	getComponentsFn func() []components_v1alpha.Component,
	shutdown func()) API

NewAPI returns a new gRPC API

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	AppClient *grpc.ClientConn
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager is a wrapper around gRPC connection pooling

func NewGRPCManager

func NewGRPCManager(mode modes.DaprMode) *Manager

NewGRPCManager returns a new grpc manager

func (*Manager) CreateLocalChannel

func (g *Manager) CreateLocalChannel(port, maxConcurrency int, spec config.TracingSpec, sslEnabled bool) (channel.AppChannel, error)

CreateLocalChannel creates a new gRPC AppChannel

func (*Manager) GetGRPCConnection

func (g *Manager) GetGRPCConnection(address, id string, namespace string, skipTLS, recreateIfExists, sslEnabled bool) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

GetGRPCConnection returns a new grpc connection for a given address and inits one if doesn't exist

func (*Manager) SetAuthenticator

func (g *Manager) SetAuthenticator(auth security.Authenticator)

SetAuthenticator sets the gRPC manager a tls authenticator context

type Server

type Server interface {
	StartNonBlocking() error

Server is an interface for the dapr gRPC server

func NewAPIServer

func NewAPIServer(api API, config ServerConfig, tracingSpec config.TracingSpec, metricSpec config.MetricSpec) Server

NewAPIServer returns a new user facing gRPC API server

func NewInternalServer

func NewInternalServer(api API, config ServerConfig, tracingSpec config.TracingSpec, metricSpec config.MetricSpec, authenticator auth.Authenticator) Server

NewInternalServer returns a new gRPC server for Dapr to Dapr communications

type ServerConfig

type ServerConfig struct {
	AppID              string
	HostAddress        string
	Port               int
	NameSpace          string
	TrustDomain        string
	MaxRequestBodySize int

ServerConfig is the config object for a grpc server

func NewServerConfig

func NewServerConfig(appID string, hostAddress string, port int, namespace string, trustDomain string, maxRequestBodySize int) ServerConfig

NewServerConfig returns a new grpc server config

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