OpenFlag [Under Development]

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OpenFlag is an open-source feature flagging, A/B testing, and dynamic configuration service. It delivers the right experience to the right entity and monitors the impact. It has clear Swagger REST APIs for flag management and evaluation.


  • Cloud-native and Kubernetes compatible.
  • High performance and easily scalable.
  • Support gRPC for flag evaluation.
  • Clear Swagger REST APIs for flag management and flag evaluation.
  • Rule engine and user segmentation using algebra expression as simple as possible for defining complicated flags.
  • Showing the history of a flag.
  • Evaluation logging for your data pipeline.
  • Contexts saving and reuse stored contexts.
  • Support Feature Flagging, Experimentation A/B testing, and Dynamic Configuration.


You can find documentation in here.

Quick demo

Try it with Docker.

# Download docker-compose file.

# Start using docker-compose.
docker-compose up -d

# Open the OpenFlag UI and create your feature flag, experiment, or configuration.

# Sending a request for evaluation in the UI panel or using curl.
curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "entities": [
            "entity_id": 1234567,
            "entity_type": "type1",
            "entity_context": {
                "state": "CA"
    "flags": ["flag1", "flag2"],
    "save_contexts": true,
    "use_stored_contexts": false


  • Browser UI.
  • Documentation.
  • Custom constraints using pluggable languages.
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