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var NC *nats.Conn

NC is a connection to the nats Server


func Connect

func Connect(url string, username string, password string) (*nats.Conn, error)

Connect connects to nats server and returns instance On shutdown, you'll need to call natsconnection.NC.Drain()

func Request

func Request(ctx context.Context, subj string, data []byte, timeOut time.Duration) (*nats.Msg, error)

Request sends a message and expects a response back

func SubscribeToQueue

func SubscribeToQueue(subjBase string, queueName string, handlerRouter func(*nats.Msg))

SubscribeToQueue subscribes on a NATS channel subj is the channel to subscribe on queueName, if specified joins the queue so each message is only received by one running container all containers subscribed to a specified subj receive the message unless in a queueName, then only one in each queueName receives the message nats.Msg has the subj in it, so we can do routing from there


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